Let Doggy’s Delights groom your dog at this year’s Fairlop Fair

If I asked you what Paris Hilton and Kate Middleton had in common would you be able to tell me?

My guess is that you’re still shocked from me even daring to put our beloved Duchess of Cambridge’s name in the same sentence as Paris Hilton’s. But bear with me, because surprisingly they do actually have something in common, which…is their love for their dogs! Kate has her adored Cocker-Spaniel Lupo, while Paris has her teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell, and although the breeds of dogs are as diverse as their owners, they both receive regular grooming and TLC.

While Paris’ pooch receives more of a pampered groom, Kate’s pup Lupo enjoys more of a traditional groom. But nonetheless both are classed as dog grooming and as we established in my last blog post, us Brits love our doggies, which begs the question – why wouldn’t you groom your dog? If when you hear the word ‘dog grooming’ you automatically think, painted claws and dyed pink fur, then cast that assumption aside and let me tell you what it really is.

Dog grooming is a booming industry that looks after the physical well-being of dogs. From trimming nails to washing fur, grooming your dog is a vital part of the healthiness and well-being of your dog, all of which can expand your dog’s lifespan. Properly grooming your pooch can be tiresome and time consuming, but there is no need for them to miss out if you can’t groom them as often as they require. (Enter the professionals….)

Doggy’s Delights Ltd is a mobile dog grooming company who take the inconvenience out of grooming by coming to YOU in their fully equipped van, to groom your dog. Their services include wash, clip down, haircut and nail trimming, anal glands if needed and cologne/perfume. They also offer anti flea shampoo and medicated shampoo for sensitive skin. The team are all animal lovers who are patient and great with dogs. Something different about Doggy’s Delights as a business is that they never tie the dogs up when grooming them, (unless a danger to themselves) they also have the van doors open while working so that owners can see what is going on.  This is to help owners relax and feel happier about letting a stranger attend to their beloved dog.

Doggy's Delights van

Doggy’s Delights will be at Fairlop Fair in a few weeks time (5 July, 11am-6pm) allowing you to meet the staff, view the facilities and just generally get a feel for the service they provide. Doggy’s Delights Ltd won’t be offering a full grooming service at the fair but they will be offering nail and face trims for your lovely doggy’s. 20% of all bookings made on the day will go to the Redbridge Guide Dog Society.

Visit the website for more details on The Fairlop Fair

Visit the Doggy’s Delights website for more information on the services they offer

Follow Doggy’s Delights on Twitter

Email: info@doggysdelights.co.uk

Guest Post: Laura Vousden

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