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A day out at Fairlop Fair 2017


On Saturday we headed to Fairlop Waters County Park for their annual fair. This was our first time going to the fair but not our first visit to the park as it is one of our favourites and is opposite my daughter Chloe’s nursery.

As you may be aware we love a local day out and the fair is one of our favourite days. The fair started at 11am and we got their around 11.30am and by then it was already busy. I was amazed at the variety of activities they had.


Chloe had seen the rides on her way home from nursery on Friday so was already looking forward to going on them and had been saying all morning she wanted to go on the cars. I think Chloe and her cousin Lizzie would have stayed on them all day if we had allowed. The rides were all ticket based which you purchased from the ticket booth. It was £10 for 10 tickets and the rides were two tickets each.  I don’t know what it is with little ones but they get so much enjoyment going round, and round and round.

One of the first things to catch my eye as we entered was the Greggs sign and we soon made a beeline for this. They had a gingerbread decorating stall and the children got two gingerbread men to decorate, one was to be entered in to the competition and one was to be enjoyed now. Chloe didn’t want her one which meant I got to enjoy it. And the best thing was it was all FREE.


And what is any day at the fair without face painting? Chloe will always pick a Tiger. No matter what the event or time of the year she wants to be a tiger. The lady who did the face painting was so talented and Chloe sat really still and took the whole face painting very seriously. Lizzie was a disco cat! Oh to be 8 years old and get away with having a rainbow face.

Soon it was lunch time and we headed to the food area to see what there was, and we were not disappointed with the large choice available from jerk chicken, pizza, burgers and a cake stand with the best name ever – Cakey McCakeface! Chloe wanted chips so I headed to the jerk chicken stall and Lizzie and her mum Lisa had pizza. The pizza looked really nice and was all cooked fresh. The great thing with days like this is that it can be as cheap or expensive as you want and I saw plenty of people sitting having a picnic taking in all the surroundings.

After we had eaten we took a walk around the rest of the fair to see what was on offer. They had a beach area with deck chairs but by the time we got to this area it was so busy we didn’t manage to have a play, but it looked fab. Earlier in the day there was a performance put on in this area that looked like fun.


Also going on throughout the day was music and entertainment by the local drama clubs and even a salsa dancing lesson.

We finished the day with an ice cream on the top of the hill looking over the fair and listening to the music. We all went home happy, tired and with a full belly. We are already looking forward to returning next year!

Guest Writer: Mummy Em

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Meet Miss England semi-finalist at Fairlop Fair

Miss Redbridge, Krishna Solanki, is in the running to become Miss England after securing a place in the semi-finals. Having just finished her second year studying maths at Portsmouth University, she had to juggle the pageant with revising for her exams, which she finished just a couple of days before the heats. Krishna, who is a qualified dancer and part-time model, will be appearing at the Fairlop Fair on Saturday 4 July where you can chat to her and have your picture taken.

Born and brought up in the London Borough of Redbridge, Krishna tells us her reasons behind running for Miss England and her involvement in the Redbridge community.

“I have been an advocate against discrimination since childhood. My quest to participate in the Miss England competition stemmed from my earlier experiences as a child facing prejudices within my own community; being a dark skinned South Asian girl where fair/ light skin is favoured. Miss England gives me the platform on a global scale to the raise awareness on equality and help fight all forms of discrimination and prejudices by showcasing talents and helping the underprivileged by raising money for Charity through Beauty with a Purpose, the charity for Miss World.

Last year I qualified as a Semi-Finalist of Miss England after gaining two titles; Miss Charity Essex and Miss Popularity Essex 2014 after completing a sponsored 40km walk that helped to raise £700 for Beauty With a Purpose. This year I completed a 45km walk and run and so far I have raised £660. Donations can still be made via Virgin Money Giving.

As Miss Redbridge I have been invited to take part in events within the borough. I had the privilege to open Ken Aston Square for Light Night in Barkingside, alongside the Mayor, Councillors and MPs. I also modelled hair and make-up in a fashion show held in the square for the local salon Studio MG. Studio MG are my sponsors for the Miss England Semi-Finals and I will be proudly modelling their hair and make-up for the event on Sunday 5 July.

Miss Redbridge

I am looking forward to being back at Fairlop Fair this year. I had a lot of fun last year judging the Gingerbread Man Competition and will be the judge again this year. Come and see me in the Fairlop Fair Arena.

Thank you and please keep showing your support by voting for me and donating towards my fundraiser! “

Krishna will be happy to pose with anybody at the Fairlop Fair but in return she would like you to Vote for her by texting – MISS SEMI46 to 63333 – texts cost 50p plus standard network rate, voting money goes to charity.

The semi-final for Miss England takes place the following day on Sunday 5 July! So get voting!

See what else is happening at Fairlop Fair on Saturday 4 July!

Post Author: Krishna Solanki

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Meet comedy poet Neal Zetter at Fairlop Fair!

I am not really a lover for poetry, but I’ve heard of a few poets and appreciate words that entertain.  We are all different; some people live for thrills, some for adventure… but some live and breathe poetry, some worship poetry like a saint… Meet Neal Zetter!

I am so happy that Neal Zetter is going to be at the Fairlop Fair on Saturday 5 July at Fairlop Waters, as he is such an experienced poet with such a great deal to offer. He has worked with a wide range of people such as children’s poet, Michael Rosen and top legendary performance poets Attila and John Cooper Clark plus many more. He has also been in comedy club bills with Omid Djalili, Harry Hill, and Sean Hughes to name but a few.

He loves to entertain children and adults alike with poetic performance and is encouraging any budding poets to do the same by writing a short fun poem for display on the day at this year’s Fairlop Fair. What a great way to share your talent with others and really feel like you have played a part in the day’s entertainments. On the day, Neal will also be giving out great advice on writing and publishing your own book as well as selling and signing copies of his own book, the “BEES IN MY BANANAS”.

I asked Neal what inspired him to write the “BEES IN MY BANANAS” and his response was “as a performance poet who plies much of his trade on stage, I have never focused too much on getting my work in print, but as the question I have been asked more than any other over the years is; ‘have you got a book?’ I thought the time was right! The title comes from the first two poems in the book which are two of my most requested: I’m a Bee and Bananananananananananananananananananananananananana”

Neal mentioned that he has a lot of exciting projects which he is working on currently, he normally works with adults to provide out of school activities for children and families but most of his work is during the school holidays.

I posed an interesting question to Neal about his future plans and his response was “To work in more unusual places and with many different types of people”. Having worked in all 33 London Boroughs and many other UK cities, I think he is ready for new challenges.

He also added that he wants to convince all ages that poetry is not boring, complicated or obscure, but really good fun, exciting and accessible. “I plan to be pushing Bees in My Bananas as much as possible too” he said.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to come to Fairlop Fair and meet Neal Zetter in person at his stall in the Story Boat & Libraries Zone. You can gain so much information about poetry and performing arts as well as being one of the first at the fair to purchase his fantastic new book!

Visit Neal Zetter’s Confidence in Communication through Comedy Poetry website

Find out what else you can do at the fabulous Fairlop Fair!

Guest Post: Rosie Ile


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Visit London Glider Cider Company at Fairlop Fair!

I am so excited that the London Glider Cider Company is going to be at Fairlop Fair, such an original company which are going to be selling draft and bottled cider made from 100% fruit at the fair on Saturday 5 July at Fairlop Waters. The London Glider says their fruit is hand-picked from surplus grown in the surrounding urban and suburban gardens which would otherwise go to waste.

Their business started out recycling 100% of their waste four years ago, they say the dry pulp, which is left over after each pressing, is given to local sheep or pig farmers to feed their animals with!  “So once we have picked the fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste from local gardens, everything is used, nothing is wasted”.  This must be one of the most unique things a company could do to help reduce wastage as everything is put to good use!

As the London Glider are going to be at Fairlop Fair they wish to bring a joyful experience to all who visit “happiness to those who drink cider, lots of people making merry, and knowledge to those who want to know about cider making” said Rochelle Schwartz one of the management team at the London Glider Company.  So this is the perfect opportunity for people who want to start making their own cider, or who are just interested, to get some great advice.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Another exciting fact about this business is that you can donate fruit to the London Glider Company which will then be used to create their cider.  In return, they will give you a free bottle of cider.  There is no minimum requirement of fruit to be donated but in a typical garden, they would be looking to pick from a good sized, established mature tree, which should produce enough fruit in a good year to allow for some surplus.

This year they are introducing a new product at Fairlop Fair which is Apple Cider Vinegar, which will be available for people to buy.

The thing that makes their cider different from others is that they use 100% pressed apple or pear juice, dessert or cooking fruit, not cider fruit. They also have a Crab and Apple blend and all made using a sustainable resource that would otherwise have been thrown away.

This AMAZING Company has won several CAMRA awards and they have won first place ‘Dry Cider’ category at Brogdales Cider Festival 2013.  But the main unique thing about them is that they create their cider in London and believe they are the only commercial cider makers to do so in the Capital.

If you love cider, then come and meet the staff of this prestigious company at the Fairlop Fair; try their unique products, gain great knowledge on cider making and their special blends and have a joyful experience!  

For more information on the London Glider Company visit their website  

Find out what else you can see and do at this year’s Fairlop Fair

Guest Post: Rosie Ile

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Will you let Mystical Parties tell your fortune at this years’ Fairlop Fair?

Love, weather, luck, wealth… We all wish we could predict the future, we all wish we could find that hidden information from our normal senses. From reading palms to crystal balls, to tarot cards the psychics have seen it all.

For many years people have conflicted over the claims of psychics, the abilities which they have and is their proof they are exposing us to the other world or to a fantasy.

On the 5 July Gail Hart is back again at the Fairlop Fair at Fairlop Waters, she is a highly experience British Psychic who has read the palms of well know celebrities such George Clooney as well as appearing on TV as the clairvoyant on “The Only Way Is Essex” and on psychic channels, with the talent of reading Oracle Cards, peoples Aura, to lipstick prints, tea leaf readings, in fact she can read just about anything.

Gail Hart with George Clooney at the Britawards

Gail Hart

This is a great opportunity to come meet not just herself but up to five other experienced Psychics that will be joining her this year, Mary Shuvani, Tiffany Crosara, Seldiy Bate, Nina Ashby and Venna. They all have many years of experience from all appearing on TV, in magazines, pagan festival celebrations, they are as accurate as can be.

This as well will give them a chance to give more different readings to whoever is attending Fairlop Fair. What’s even better is that they will have ready-made charm bags, that you can choose from love, health, and luck and money flow, sold at the Fairlop Fair, so be the first to grab one!

Mystical Parties started about ten years ago by Gail, this was due to the amount of customers recommending to bring another psychic along with her bookings, she realised the amount of talented and very skilled psychics she knew, this also gave Gail the opportunity to fill in the gaps in the market of hen parties, birthday parties and product launches and bringing psychics to other events, such as the Global Party at London Zoo. The business also allows customers to hire from one to twenty psychics for their events. They also theme their readings and costumes to your event, such as sand readings for a beach theme, or tea leaf readings in a garden party.

The most unique thing about Mystical Parties is that they are the only entertainment agency that focuses almost entirely on psychics, Gail has said “I handpicked the staff not just because of their unique talents but their lovely friendly personalities and abilities to work at a fast pace in a challenging party environment, we are all passionate and professional about our work” as well Mystical Parties psychics don’t get into negative readings, they try to keep them short, fun, positive and upbeat, this is so the customers can enjoy their service and feel welcome. They are hoping to run and complete their own events in the future as well they already hold “Mediumship” nights and are looking into themed events so you can come to a Mystical Party near you or hold one on your own.

There will be additional charges to their readings this year at the fair, £10 for 10 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes, which is much cheaper than regular phone psychic readings and private readings, what a deal! I am so excited that they are going to be at Fairlop Fair and for anyone who enjoys this type of service should defiantly come along and get some great results from their readings!

Guest Post:  Rosie Ile 

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Tasty treats at this years Fairlop Fair

Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man… do you know the muffin

Woman” that lives on Drury Lane!

Soft, light textures that burst with flavours of excitement in your mouth, I wish I had one with me right now, the matter is muffins because Muffins Matter!

This must be one of the most delicious yet unique stalls, which is going to be present at Fairlop Fair at Fairlop Waters on Saturday 5 of July. Karen Jones an amazing home baker will be at the Fairlop Fair presenting and selling these naughty delights, alongside with her hard working family, her mum, children, niece and other family members.

Having the experience of Fairlop Fair in 2013 and seeing the amount of people present at the event, Karen Jones was motivated to start up her own stall selling muffins and cakes. This year Karen hopes to bring a welcoming and encouraging experience, in the hope that it will inspire her to participate in similar venues.

Karen loves to bake for her family, friends, church and her children’s teachers, which overtime gave her the encouragement to start her own business, having her culinary skills passed down to her from generation to generation in her family, she has a sharp knowledge of home baking. She quoted “I am blessed to have such a supportive family. “Having recently set up my own business and trying to stay on top of everything, I need all the help I can get.” 

Karen being part of the East London Community Organisation City Safe Campaign for three years she is passionate and believes that it is imperative that we do what we can do to protect our neighbourhood. She started a 5p campaign in her business where every muffin bought 5p will go towards the “Alzheimer’s Society” which is a charity that cares for people suffering from dementia, helps researching into the illness and providing information on symptoms and diagnosis. The “City Safe Campaign” is a campaign which started in the 1990’s, to help protect our communities and society on things such as housing and living wage. Karen’s deceased father who suffered from severe dementia is the inspiration behind it, she quoted “These two causes are very close to my heart and the concept that I can use my products to help raise funds added merit to my baking”. I believe that this is a magnificent way to expose these types of campaigns into society for people to be more aware of dementia.

Karen is also excited to be starting her weekly blog leading up to the Fairlop Fair from the 16 June, which you can find on her website, as well as follow their business on their Twitter account, her blogs will include brilliant new recipes, what’s on their menu at Fairlop Fair and what family members will be helping her on the day. So this would be a great opportunity for you to come and meet the makers behind this scrumptious business.

Karen hopes to expand their business and bring their recipes into different café’s as well as eventually having their own café.  So if muffins matter to you and you enjoy the pleasures behind it, then you’re welcome to come to the Fairlop Fair and meet Karen and her family and have a yummy experience with the muffins!

Visit the website for more details on The Fairlop Fair

Guest Post:  Rosie Ile 

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Let Doggy’s Delights groom your dog at this year’s Fairlop Fair

If I asked you what Paris Hilton and Kate Middleton had in common would you be able to tell me?

My guess is that you’re still shocked from me even daring to put our beloved Duchess of Cambridge’s name in the same sentence as Paris Hilton’s. But bear with me, because surprisingly they do actually have something in common, which…is their love for their dogs! Kate has her adored Cocker-Spaniel Lupo, while Paris has her teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell, and although the breeds of dogs are as diverse as their owners, they both receive regular grooming and TLC.

While Paris’ pooch receives more of a pampered groom, Kate’s pup Lupo enjoys more of a traditional groom. But nonetheless both are classed as dog grooming and as we established in my last blog post, us Brits love our doggies, which begs the question – why wouldn’t you groom your dog? If when you hear the word ‘dog grooming’ you automatically think, painted claws and dyed pink fur, then cast that assumption aside and let me tell you what it really is.

Dog grooming is a booming industry that looks after the physical well-being of dogs. From trimming nails to washing fur, grooming your dog is a vital part of the healthiness and well-being of your dog, all of which can expand your dog’s lifespan. Properly grooming your pooch can be tiresome and time consuming, but there is no need for them to miss out if you can’t groom them as often as they require. (Enter the professionals….)

Doggy’s Delights Ltd is a mobile dog grooming company who take the inconvenience out of grooming by coming to YOU in their fully equipped van, to groom your dog. Their services include wash, clip down, haircut and nail trimming, anal glands if needed and cologne/perfume. They also offer anti flea shampoo and medicated shampoo for sensitive skin. The team are all animal lovers who are patient and great with dogs. Something different about Doggy’s Delights as a business is that they never tie the dogs up when grooming them, (unless a danger to themselves) they also have the van doors open while working so that owners can see what is going on.  This is to help owners relax and feel happier about letting a stranger attend to their beloved dog.

Doggy's Delights van

Doggy’s Delights will be at Fairlop Fair in a few weeks time (5 July, 11am-6pm) allowing you to meet the staff, view the facilities and just generally get a feel for the service they provide. Doggy’s Delights Ltd won’t be offering a full grooming service at the fair but they will be offering nail and face trims for your lovely doggy’s. 20% of all bookings made on the day will go to the Redbridge Guide Dog Society.

Visit the website for more details on The Fairlop Fair

Visit the Doggy’s Delights website for more information on the services they offer

Follow Doggy’s Delights on Twitter


Guest Post: Laura Vousden