Animal Ark Vets bring their expertise to Fairlop Fair

Us Brits are a dog-loving nation, with 25% of UK households playing home to those loveable canines, it seems we just can’t get enough of man’s best friend! As a hardcore animal lover (I’m the girl who had to hold back tears when Jack Black kicked Ron Burgundy’s dog off of the bridge in Anchor Man) it pains me to hear the fact that around 60 dogs go missing each hour. 60!!! Geeeez that is scary when you think about it!

I apologise now if, after reading this, you are now cradling your dog, rocking back and forth and uttering something along the lines of “I’m never going to let you out of my sight, no I’m not, ahhh no I’m not”. But have no fear…Animal Ark Vets are here!!

Animal Ark Vets will be appearing at Fairlop Fair on Saturday 5 July 2014 so make a note in your diary to pop down to see them, as they can help you to keep your beloved dog safe and sound!!

They will be providing FREE micro chipping for any dog owner who brings their dog along. If you’re wondering what in the world micro chipping is, or if you’ve heard of it but don’t quite know the ins and outs of it, it’s basically having a tiny microchip inserted under your dog’s skin. This gives you (as the dog owner), your own unique code. The microchip can be scanned and matched to your contact details which are kept on a database.

Soooo 3 2 1….and breathe!! There is a safe and reliable way to limit the chances of your dog going missing.

Animal Arc Vets

Why trust Animal Ark Vets to micro chip your precious dog I hear you ask, well folks I will tell you why. Animal Arc Vets are an extremely passionate veterinary clinic who has been serving the community since 2002. When I asked vet, Nathan Basha if he had anything he would like the public to know about them as a company he told me that they have a philosophy of focusing on the best interests of the pets. That the team is extremely passionate about what they do and that they each take time to really involve the pet owner with every step of the process. They discuss possibilities with the owners in depth enabling them to make a decision that they feel totally comfortable with.

I can honestly say that when speaking with Nathan, I could feel his passion and commitment for animals; and you know what they say, it takes an animal lover to know an animal lover (I don’t think anyone actually really says that but you get what I mean).

So remember, pay a visit to Fairlop Fair with your dog to take advantage of this great offer.  Don’t have a dog?? Don’t despair, Animal Ark Vets are also offering a health care session at Fairlop Fair which includes tips for all animals, phew!! I’m more of a cat person anyway. You will be able to have all your questions answered from diets to worm and flea control.

Fairlop Fair Saturday 5 July 11am-6pm, be there and learn to take better care of your beloved pets.

Visit the Fairlop Fair webpages for more information

Guest Post: Laura Vousden

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