Tasty treats at this years Fairlop Fair

Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man… do you know the muffin

Woman” that lives on Drury Lane!

Soft, light textures that burst with flavours of excitement in your mouth, I wish I had one with me right now, the matter is muffins because Muffins Matter!

This must be one of the most delicious yet unique stalls, which is going to be present at Fairlop Fair at Fairlop Waters on Saturday 5 of July. Karen Jones an amazing home baker will be at the Fairlop Fair presenting and selling these naughty delights, alongside with her hard working family, her mum, children, niece and other family members.

Having the experience of Fairlop Fair in 2013 and seeing the amount of people present at the event, Karen Jones was motivated to start up her own stall selling muffins and cakes. This year Karen hopes to bring a welcoming and encouraging experience, in the hope that it will inspire her to participate in similar venues.

Karen loves to bake for her family, friends, church and her children’s teachers, which overtime gave her the encouragement to start her own business, having her culinary skills passed down to her from generation to generation in her family, she has a sharp knowledge of home baking. She quoted “I am blessed to have such a supportive family. “Having recently set up my own business and trying to stay on top of everything, I need all the help I can get.” 

Karen being part of the East London Community Organisation City Safe Campaign for three years she is passionate and believes that it is imperative that we do what we can do to protect our neighbourhood. She started a 5p campaign in her business where every muffin bought 5p will go towards the “Alzheimer’s Society” which is a charity that cares for people suffering from dementia, helps researching into the illness and providing information on symptoms and diagnosis. The “City Safe Campaign” is a campaign which started in the 1990’s, to help protect our communities and society on things such as housing and living wage. Karen’s deceased father who suffered from severe dementia is the inspiration behind it, she quoted “These two causes are very close to my heart and the concept that I can use my products to help raise funds added merit to my baking”. I believe that this is a magnificent way to expose these types of campaigns into society for people to be more aware of dementia.

Karen is also excited to be starting her weekly blog leading up to the Fairlop Fair from the 16 June, which you can find on her website, as well as follow their business on their Twitter account https://twitter.com/muffinsmatter, her blogs will include brilliant new recipes, what’s on their menu at Fairlop Fair and what family members will be helping her on the day. So this would be a great opportunity for you to come and meet the makers behind this scrumptious business.

Karen hopes to expand their business and bring their recipes into different café’s as well as eventually having their own café.  So if muffins matter to you and you enjoy the pleasures behind it, then you’re welcome to come to the Fairlop Fair and meet Karen and her family and have a yummy experience with the muffins!

Visit the website for more details on The Fairlop Fair

Guest Post:  Rosie Ile 

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