Crunching Numbers

Maths is a huge part of our lives, there’s no question about that! It is an essential skill that we are taught from a young age; from telling the time to counting our change.

Maths was introduced to me using grapes of all things. Simple sums were placed in front of me; my parents asking me to count how many grapes would be left if they ate a couple. Looking back, it was a great technique to hook a child who seemed to love grapes, that much was for sure (fruits are a great incentive!). We all use tricks to help encourage learning and with mathematics being such a huge subject with lots to learn, it’s the perfect topic to mix things up on – it doesn’t have to be mundane, as the stereotype seems to dictate it must be. Some of my favourite teachers were my maths teachers, since they would always find things for us to do; crafting 3D shapes to put our angle knowledge to the test or teaching us ratios by using bars of chocolate.

Growing up, I found myself inspired by a true TV maths-superstar; Carol Vordeman. It was during Countdown (which I was obsessed with and still find myself drawn to), during the maths challenges where I would pull out my pen and paper and begin trying to solve the equation; attempting to get as close to the target number as possible. She would come up with a solution within a matter of seconds, and that was something that I aspired to do. Using her books and CDs coached me through my GCSEs. Maths has always found its way into my other subjects too, no matter what route I went with education – maths always seems to be there. I found it extremely difficult and challenging but that only made me respect those who were able to solve equations in mere seconds even more.

Throughout my education, from primary school all the way to university, I have been exposed to maths and everything it has to offer. There’s something extremely satisfying about finding your way through a labyrinth of equations and finally reaching that golden answer. When I say golden, I mean it. The sensation was as though you had really struck gold; obtaining something so valuable which had made all of your efforts and perils worth it. If you know someone who is incredible at maths, make sure you show them your respect – it’s well deuntitled-1-3served!

Now it’s time to show off your children’s maths skills and help them gain that very respect from their friends, family and competitors. Redbridge Central Library is hosting its first
numeracy challenge – Infinity 2017, where you can participate and use your maths skills to win prizes. There are two age groups, 9-10 years and 11-12 years, so get out your abacus and get involved! This is your chance to be a math-superstar. Parents – please be sure to book now to register your child’s place so they can compete for this incredible award. For more information, visit our Eventbrite pages:


Post Author: Priya Devandran


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