A New Reality

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm. In the past it was only seen in sci-fi movies. Now this piece of sci-fi technology is becoming a reality and more accessible to everyone. It gives you the ability to live your dreams, explore beyond the realms of your imagination and all from the comfort of your own home; launch yourself into the deep blue sea to or into space, there are no limits.

Technology experts believe that Virtual Reality will integrate into our lives sooner than we know it; with virtual conferences and offices already being available to use, connecting cities and companies all over the world. There is no doubt that this revolutionary piece of technology is going to impact our lives in a huge way.

Virtual reality is even coming to homes and for leisure and sport too, with companies such as Sony producing their own Virtual Reality headsets for the PlayStation, and before that was the Oculus Rift revolutionising the games market when they made their debut at the famous E3 conference. Both are now sold by popular retailers! Famous sportspeople such as Ronnie O’Sullivan have been seen using Virtual Reality – becoming so engrossed that he even tried to placworkshope his arm on a non-existent snooker table and ended up falling over! It just goes to show how incredibly life-like this technology has become, and how far technology has developed over the years.

Fullwell Cross Library and Wanstead Library are hosting a great event which can prepare your children for the joys of Virtual Reality with a Make and experience Virtual Reality – hosted by InspireNshare. During this event an accessible talk on Virtual Reality will be given and Virtual Reality trips will be taken, along with so much more!

Martin King, part of InspireNshare has been involved in technology since the 1970s and was first involved in Virtual Reality specifically in 1992. But this, the era of technology, is the most exciting time he has ever known. He has been actively holding open accessible events about VR for colleges and the general public since January 2015. Martin’s passion for the new technologies that have become available have inspired him to get further involved with these events to share his excitement as well as inspire the future generation. Virtual Reality has become simple, friendly, accessible and cost effective, something he calls “Citizen tech“.

Being involved in Virtual Reality has brought about a range of experiences to many different people’s lives and has brought out some great reactions too. Martin draws on the past and explained how he’s seen very controlled businessmen become deeply immersed in the experience, so much so that they had begun standing up from the their chair, pointing and talking to things that only they can see and hear.

Martin has introduced us to the ‘The VR selfie’ which is the strangest selfie yet – seeing yourselves in-situ in Virtual Reality is something new and really messes with your senses. One of his visitors captured the feeling of the VR selfie by describing it as like “an out of body experience”.  Some people prefer Virtual Reality soothing applications such as Dolphin encounter on the Great Barrier Reef but most people seem to want Virtual Reality thrill, adrenaline and adventure, such as ski jumping, wing-suit flying, or climbing the north face of the Eiger. His current favourite VR app is called “Face Your Fears” where a giant robot grabs you and climbs to the top of a skyscraper. It really goes to show anything is possible!workshop

This up and coming workshop will be held on Thursday 16 February and will allow you and your children to make your own Virtual Reality viewers and media, as well as taking trips from the Virtual Reality travel agency. It is bound to be an incredible learning experience filled with fun and brand new technology. Embrace the future and make sure you book your ticket in advance!

Wanstead Library: Book by clicking HERE

Fullwell Cross Library: Book by clicking HERE


 Post Author: Priya Devandran


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