We go live on the National Lottery!

Last Saturday our very own Active4life co-ordinator Gemma Tully was invited to appear live on the National lottery! Alongside three other ecstatic girls (Anne-Marie Asenso, Amina Akbar and Madhuri Joshi), Gemma represented the Redbridge arm of ‘Us Girls’.

Already tingling with excitement the lucky four waited apprehensively for their lift to arrive. Who would be picking them up? What vehicle would they get? How many stars were they likely to see wandering around the television studios?

Suddenly a glamorous people carrier, complete with blacked out windows, pulled up outside. Was this for them? Nervously the girls exchanged glances. Surely this type of car was reserved for celebrity transportation?

A darkened window rolled smoothly down and they were greeted with a smile and an assurance this vehicle was for them. Tumbling into the car, Gemma and co were treated to a luxury trip complete with free drinks and private Wi-Fi.

At about 5pm the girls arrived at Pinewood Studios and were swiftly taken to their Green Room. ‘There were sofas, cushions, a huge TV, fruit baskets, refreshments, sweets and snacks. We were loving it!’ said an overjoyed Gemma. ‘After a briefing about the day and chatting with the other people appearing on the show, we sat down with the stylist who helped us all put together our outfits for the show. Then we had our hair and makeup done and went straight to rehearsal.’

Radio 2 DJ and National Lottery host Chris Evans greeted everyone before running through the show, which our girls were particularly happy about. ‘After the rehearsals it was straight back to the green room for a quick dinner and final touch ups, then to the studio for our live broadcast!’  Exclaimed Gemma.

The show went ahead flawlessly and the knackered girls were chauffeured home.  After recovering from the whirlwind adventure into television and glitterati Gemma told us, ‘We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, it was brilliant!’

Well done ladies, it was a great show and you did us all proud!

Post Author: Emily Polling

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