Our Award Winning Park

We’ve spent the past few weeks teetering on the edges of our seats, waiting and waiting, praying that we’d done enough to succeed… Then this week it happened.   The little blue email notification appeared in the corner of my computer. The results were in and I was feeling excited yet nervous about the result…

Clicking into my mailbox I opened the message, boldly entitled People’s Choice Award Results’.  Skim reading the text I jumped straight to our ranking… Valentines Park had achieved 9th place! We’d made it into the top 10 for the second year running! 9th place out of 1,448 parks – not too shabby! YAY!

The annual People’s Choice Award is managed by Keep Britain Tidy and designed to give the public the power to decide which one of the Green Flag sites should be named park of the year.

After six weeks of frenzied campaigning, promoting and complete and utter panic (The marketing team is prone to dramatics, we’re very excitable people) the nation had its say and the votes were cast.

Thanks to your support we were able to claim one of the much sought after top spots! We are pleased to offer our congratulations to Margam Country Park in Neath Port Talbot who scooped the coveted 1st place and warn them to watch out as we will be after their crown next year!

Many thanks to everyone that voted, we are delighted to see just how much the community values our beautiful parks.  Perhaps next year we can encourage a few more of you to vote to get us a Top 5 ranking!

For a full list of winners visit http://www.greenflagaward.org/

Post Author: Cathy Pace

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