Experiencing The Streets

Last Weekend the Streets music festival came to Ilford and graced our highstreet with incredible music and creativity that got the crowds gathering and dancing along to the contagious beats. Throughout the day the weather was perfect, the sun was shining and plenty of people were out and about which helped to create a lively atmosphere. With a range of activities from a singalong in the morning to dances in the evening there was something for every age range and member of the family. It was wonderful seeing everyone get involved.

The Streets 2016 July - Banners

It was incredible to see and experience the range of genres that The Streets had brought to town. The Spare Tyre band had everyone gathering around, interacting, clapping and singing along with their modern take on beats, involving and encouraging crowd participation. It was even better so see everyone with a huge smile on their face as the catchy rhythms filled the air with an upbeat vibe. All of their instruments were made out of recyclable materials, sending a positive message along with each song.

The Streets 2016 July - Spare Tyre 2

Locations around the town became venues for live talent such as The General Havelock Public House which hosted the Spinettes. The vintage trio brought their own take to some classic songs and artists from the Andrews Sisters to the king himself – Elvis Presley. Seeing everyone make their way in and rock out to the harmonies that The Spinettes provided was something purely magical. The comfortable setting made a perfect venue to really sit back and enjoy a classic choice of songs whilst having a cold drink, that was if you weren’t already on your feet swaying away which many people were at the time. By the end of their performance everyone wanted more, which luckily for them, there was – they were performing once more in the Kenneth More Theatre later on that evening so those who missed out on earlier performances would be able to catch them there, or if they enjoyed the first shows they could always swing by.

The Streets 2016 July - Spinettes 7

The event itself was extremely well organised with everything running to time and a schedule which allowed people to catch performances throughout the day. After one performance finished there was always another lined up straight away, which never led to a dull moment. There were a vast range of performers and each one was fantastic in their own way. We had local talent from the City Gates Choir to the leading beatbox artists in the UK performing for us and it was remarkable to see what we have to offer right on our doorstep.

For those reading and feeling left out of the festivities we have The Streets coming back in November so keep your eyes peeled for more information and a list of performers to look forward to! Keep up-to-date by visiting the website:



Priya Devandran


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