Handball Competition in East London


Schools across Redbridge will be taking part in a Handball competition today in Barking & Dagenham! Facilitated by Sportivate the competition will be part of a wider project to develop Handball in East London.

Sportivate is the £56 million National Lottery funded Olympic and Paralympic legacy initiative that gives 11 to 25-year-olds who aren’t particularly sporty six to eight weeks’ free coaching in a new sport and then helps them find low costs ways to continue to play.

New figures published this year show that almost 250,000 teenagers and young adults have so far benefitted from free or discounted six-to-eight week sports coaching courses through Sportivate.

Nine Schools will descend upon Sporthouse – a purpose built Handball facility – to compete across three competitions; one each for Girls Year 9, 10 &11, Boys Year 9 & 10 and Boys year 11.

With the help of further Sportivate funding Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Pro-Active East London and England Handball will be working in partnership to launch Junior Handball sessions in January.

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