In Full Bloom: A Series of Blogs to Celebrate the Launch of Redbridge in Bloom

We will release a series of blog posts during the Redbridge in Bloom 2023 competition campaign. Our blogs will cover a wide range of topics related to gardening, from beginner tips to advanced techniques. They will provide valuable insights and inspiration for gardeners of all skill levels.

Starting on March 20, we will release a new blog post every Monday, with the final post released on June 26. Some blog topics include a sneak peek at the Redbridge in Bloom 2023 launch, gardening tips for beginners, interviews with past winners, and creative ways to incorporate plants into your London front garden. We will also highlight the efforts of community groups and individuals who are positively impacting Redbridge’s parks and open spaces.

So please mark your calendars and get ready to learn, grow, and be inspired as we divert from gardening and celebrate the beauty and diversity of Redbridge’s green spaces.

Blog TitleRelease Date
In Full Bloom: A Sneak Peek at the Redbridge in Bloom 2023 LaunchRead now
Get Your Greens On: Top Gardening Tips for Redbridge in Bloom 2023Read now
Blooming Beauties: Interviews with Past Redbridge in Bloom WinnersRead now
The Power of Community: Highlighting the South Park Users Group’s Gardening EffortsRead now
Gardening on a Budget: Tips for Thrifty GardenersRead now
Gardening for Beginners: Simple Tips to Start Your GardenRead now
The Benefits of Gardening: How it Can Improve Your Physical and Mental HealthRead now
Growing Your Food: Tips for Starting a Vegetable GardenRead now
Secret Gardens: Hidden Gems of Redbridge’s Parks and Open SpacesRead now
Pollinater Paradise: Creating a Bee-Friendly GardenRead now
Upcycling the Front Garden: Creative Ways to Repurpose Household ItemsRead now
Bringing the Outdoors In: Creative Ways to Incorporate Plants into your London Front GardenRead now
Outdoor Gardening: How to Create a Lush Oasis in Your Front Garden12 June
Gardening in Small Spaces: Tips for Balconies, Patios and Courtyards19 June
Testament of Rotary Club’s Efforts in Ray Park26 June

You can find more about Vision’s Redbridge in Bloom competition here.

Author: Molly Polden


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