Making the Most of Your Local Library this World Book Day

Vision run a number of libraries across Redbridge but do you know just how much you can do with your simple library card? As we celebrate World Book Day we want to make sure you know just how much you get when you sign up to the library.

Redbridge Libraries

In case you weren’t sure here is a handy map with all the libraries in Redbridge marked.

Virtual Library

When you sign up to the library you get all the things you would expect, access to all the books available across all our libraries, computer access, study space, children’s areas and activities, all sorts!

On top of that, your Vision Library Card also opens up an entire virtual library. Check out the list below to see how many you knew about:


Libby is an online, virtual library that you can access with your library card’s number. You can then access a wide range of ebooks, audiobooks and other resources on the go.

Libby also provide collections to help you find things that might be of interest to you. Most recently there has been Valentine’s collections, a St David’s Day collection, a Veganuary collection and of course there has to be a World Book Day collection!


Kanopy is a digital resource that gives you access to movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films and educational videos.

By partnering with libraries and universities they can bring you an ad-free experience that can be enjoyed on any of your devices.


PressReader gives you access to more than 7,000 top newspapers and magazines as soon as they are available on shelves. With titles available from over 120 countries and in over 60 languages there is a huge selection.

What’s even better is there are no limits on downloads, once you download one publication it is yours to keep forever.

You may have also seen that you can access PressReader without signing up to the library. When you connect to Vision WiFi in any of our libraries, leisure centres or even at the Kenneth More Theatre you can then access PressReader for free for 48 hours.

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro is a highly realistic online simulation of the UK’s driving theory tests for all vehicle categories. It contains all the official test questions licensed from the DVSA, the people who set the tests.

You can sign up to this site for free with your library card and on top of that there are additional features that make it an invaluable resource. You get access to an online version of the highway code, machine translation into over 40 languages and they also have a speech-enabled test feature so you can listen to the questions.

Life in the UK Test Help is an online study resource for candidates preparing for the Life in the UK test or British citizenship test. They have online versions of all the latest study materials licensed by the Home Office as well as hundreds of practice test questions.

Family History Resources

The Redbridge Heritage Centre, based at Redbridge Central Library, provides a service for local and family history research and holds the largest collection of materials in the Borough on the history of Ilford, Wanstead, Woodford and Redbridge.

In addition you can also access these sites for free from computers at the libraries:

Online References

You can gain access to important online resources that are incredibly helpful for anyone studying or wishing to find out more information about any topics. You can access:


As part of your membership with Redbridge Libraries you get access to parts of Oxford Bibliographies, these are the Victorian Literature and British and Irish Literature. These resources provide a large amount of reliable and relevant information for anyone who may be studying these areas, perfect for students and researchers.

From Library Computers

The following resources are only available from the computers at the libraries.

Access to Research

Access to Research gives free, walk-in access to a wide range of academic articles and research in public libraries across the UK.

News Archives

The British Newspaper Archive offers national, regional and local newspapers from the 19th (and some 18th) century British newspapers.

Which? Reports

Which? reports give thousands of expert product reviews and consumer advice covering a wide range of topics. This is only available on the second floor of Redbridge Central Library and a member of staff will need to log in for you.

World Book Day is the perfect day to join your local library and when you get access to all these incredible extras why wouldn’t you!

Author: Molly Polden


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