Becoming a fitness winner

Fitness post-lockdown has been difficult for some people, and exciting for others. With the world opening up again, gyms and leisure centres are starting to get busier, with people that have a renewed sense of wanting to get started or restarted on their fitness journey.

Our fitness facilities at Fullwell Cross Leisure centre are perfect for a range of activities

To celebrate reopening of our leisure centres, we hosted a competition on our social media to win a free 3 month membership, and Riaz Chutoo was the lucky winner who had the opportunity to claim the prize!

“I stumbled across the competition details when looking into different options for trying to keep fit. As the gyms were reopening after the lockdown, I was looking at this as a potential option for keeping fit.” Riaz said.

“I saw the promotional advertisements post lockdown for the reduced initial 3 month  subscription. I checked online to find out more details, see what services are available and locations, that is when I came across the competition details. The competition seemed simple enough with nothing to lose in entering. There were many posters around the borough that were easily visible. I took a picture of one of these while out and about, submitted the picture as instructed, the next thing I know I had won the competition.

Since joining the gym I have significantly increased my exercise at home and in the gym, and have used the gym facilities at Fullwell Cross.”

Fullwell Cross Gym offers a number of great facilities and classes, including the newly re-opened spa , perfect for relaxing after a hard work out, and the swimming pool which offers public, adult only and family sessions as well as swimming lessons for children.  

Riaz has become more health conscious since beginning his journey back to fitness. “The membership has motivated me to look at exercise videos using weights and also resistance bands. I have started to eat healthier also and researched healthy eating options and a healthy diet plan. I am much more health conscious and have become motivated to continue with an exercise regime and healthy eating plan. I have not taken up any new sports at the moment but this may change when I have established myself with this current regime. I hope to continue and build on this.”

The Spa located in Fullwell Cross Leisure centre is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Riaz has taken a great step towards building on his fitness journey with regular visits to our leisure centre facilities, now it’s your turn. Why not sign up for a membership, giving you access to five leisure centres across Redbridge which include gym, swim and fitness classes. Find out more about on our website.  Our website has a huge range of different activities to keep you healthy from our walking for health sessions in Redbridge parks, to swimming in our leisure centres. You don’t have to start or re-start this journey alone, you may want to get your whole family involved in activities such as cycling. The opportunities are endless !

Fitness starts with simple steps! Following social media channels with fitness tips and exercise workshops available can be an eye-opening activity (so be sure to check out our social media for hints, tips and workshops) and perhaps you could be the lucky winner in future competitions and offers.



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