Vision Swimming Teachers reveal why it is a fun and fulfilling job

The increase in demand for swimming lessons this year has resulted in the expansion of our Swim Vision team. We are recruiting Assistant Swimming Teachers to learn how to teach this invaluable life skill through our Swim Vision Apprenticeship Scheme.

Becoming an Assistant Swimming Teacher has many appealing attributes, particularly for parents looking for a part-time role to fit around school hours or young people who studying. No qualifications are necessary however, you must be 16 years or over and must be able to swim within deep water.

This rewarding role offers flexible working hours, competitive rates of pay and can also help to:

  • develop confidence
  • increase self-esteem
  • build relationships with people

We spoke to some of our Swimming Teachers about their teaching experience, why they started teaching and their greatest achievement.

Our Swimming Teacher’s at Vision explain what they enjoy most about teaching swimming:

Amy declared: “There are so many things I enjoy about teaching.

Beginners – it’s the smile and excitement on their face when they overcome their hurdles whether it’s putting their face in the water or lifting their feet off the floor and their first swim independently and the sense of achievement.

The bonds you make with some of the children you teach in various stages over the years and the little conversations you have with them during the lessons and seeing them grow up and become competent swimmers.

Being able to motivate the higher stages/older swimmers and moving forward from stroke and technique and concentrating on fitness and mental well-being.”

Kaz also enjoys: “Witnessing the courage and determination of adults facing their fear”

Nataysha, Swimming Teacher at Vision said why she became a swimming teacher:

After secondary school I got a part-time job as a Swimming Assistant whilst studying for my A-Levels, after a few months Vision enrolled me into the Level 1 ASA Swim teaching course and after a year of teaching, I was enrolled into my Level 2 teaching qualification.

This role has been a great asset to me whilst studying as the company is flexible & accommodating, the job is fun & rewarding, and I have been able to build relationships and grow personally & professionally.

Zak, Swimming Teacher recalled his proudest moment as a swimming teacher: 

“My proudest moment as a swim teacher was finding out that a swimmer who I had recommend to Redbridge, had become one of their top swimmers. I was then able to coach them and see for myself how great a swimmer he had become”.

The successful candidates will have the opportunity to teach babies, children and adults across our Swim Vision sites, Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre, Loxford Leisure Centre and Mayfield Leisure Centre.

If you have a passion and desire to teach people of all ages this crucial life skill, then why not apply to join Vision? You will be required to attend a short interview at Fullwell Cross before you are accepted onto the scheme. For more information on the job requirements and expectations of the successful candidates visit the Vision website.

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