Overcoming the 3 big Cs during 2020: Life Changes, COVID and Cancer

In celebration of Women’s International Day on 8 March, Vision RCL are honoured to share an inspirational story of 2020 which compels such bravery and determination from one of our own. Angelique is a dance and fitness instructor who has worked with Vision’s sport and health team for many years, including classes for our women’s only programme. 

Read Angelique’s inspirational story below: 

“My name is Angelique and have worked for Vision RCL for over 5 years to run women’s only dance sessions within This Girl Can programme. Alongside running my own award-winning dance and fitness company D-Style Dance, where I work with schools and organisations across London. I teach Bollywood dance to kids, teens and adults plus Zumba and Bollywood fitness too and I would like to share my story with you. 

2020 was tough for everyone, for me it was one of the toughest years of my life, a life changing year. I started last year with a breast cancer diagnosis (Yes you read that right!) and ended it with COVID! And I had a few relationship challenges thrown in for good measure. What a year! 
But honestly, I am grateful for 2020. I found the strength within me to deal with all these challenges which often felt unsurmountable, thanks to my family, friends and thanks to God. I had to cling on to my faith to get me through each day. It was an incredibly traumatic and challenging time. I had to deal with a lot of fear and anxiety of my illness and treatments plus other unfortunate stresses. 
However, I found the strength to carry on and run my classes through it all, I choreographed during my radiation treatments, and even did a show two weeks after my operation! I just wanted to move forward everyday with positivity and keep going for my students during the lockdowns. 
I am writing my full story soon as I feel it may help others going through similar challenging times, to give them hope, but I wanted to put this out for those who know me.. 
I am grateful to God for another chance and for the important lessons, and for my amazing family and friends who stood by me every day during my darkest times, I couldn’t have made it without your help. I truly appreciate you. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this. If I can help you in anyway, please get in touch” 

Guest Author Angelique Parvez 

Learn more about D-Style dance on their website. 

Find out more about International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month on our website 

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