Share your glorious gardens with us and enter Redbridge In Bloom

Whilst taking your daily walks during lockdown wouldn’t it be uplifting to see endless beautiful front gardens around the streets of Redbridge?

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of our amateur gardening competition – Redbridge in Bloom. To mark this occasion, and with residents having a little more time than normal on their hands, it would be fantastic if we could achieve a record number of applicants!

As the garden centres have now re-opened, the time is right to start stocking up on pretty plants to fill your beds and planters with a burst of colour.

front garden shutterstock_1163447095

We are looking for gardens with plants and shrubs that complement each other, through texture and vibrant colours that make you want to stop and linger, and bring a sense of calm and happiness to all those that see it.  Basically a garden that brings a little joy into your neighbourhood!

If you have already been busy maintaining your front gardens or window boxes, and you think your display is of a good standard, share with us and get some recognition for your efforts by entering now. Judging doesn’t take place until w/c 6 to 11 July so you will need to bear in mind that your gardens or containers will need to be maintained until then! Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbours, you never know, you might be just the inspiration they need to improve their outdoor space.

It would be wonderful if all the residents of Redbridge pulled together to create a borough blooming with vibrant colours and luscious planting to help lift people’s spirits during this uncertain time, so please get involved and take part in our competition. We are also looking for applications from care homes and housing estates to enter within our categories for Best Sheltered Housing / Residential Care Home and Best Community Display.

For more information and to apply visit our Redbridge in Bloom page on our website.

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