Spring Bird Challenge!


Our Theme this week is Birds in the Garden! Here’s our challenge for you:

  • Start by being part of RSPB #Breakfastbirdwatch
  • You can join weekdays 8am-9am just follow RSPB on Twitter – listen and record birds in your garden.
  • Share your findings with RSPB and Redbridge Libraries. Don’t worry if you don’t record anything just tell us about #Breakfastbirdwatch experience.

After listening to the birds you may want to try and identify them. You may not be an expert on identifying birds so we would like to introduce you to PressReader.

PressReader offers free access to newspapers and magazines using apps on smartphones, tablets or through your browser on PC or laptop. All you need is your Library card and your Pin number ready to access PressReader. Not yet registered with Redbridge Libraries? Don’t worry sign up here.

The challenge is to go to our website and find a Bird Magazine in PressReader. Find one that you think will help you to better understand the wildlife in your garden.

Check out how to use PressReader via video clip on Youtube.  

How access PressReaders

  • Via the Vision RCL website go to PressReader
    (Have your Library Card and Pin number ready)
  • Find our Libraries on the PressReader Website by going to The Library Category.
  • We’re called Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure – don’t worry you will see lots of other International Libraries, but search for us.
  • Then click on this and you’ll be able to join up using your Library Card and Pin Number.
  • Use your right and left arrow keys to move around (not up and down).
  • You‘ll see colourful full print magazines about all kinds of animals and Birds, in the Animals and Pets category.

We’d love to hear about it, post to our Facebook page or tweet @RedbridgeLibs. Also post to RSPB so they can see what we’re doing!

If you love nature and wildlife you may also be interested in our Daily dose of Nature  Spring. Recording wildlife is very important both locally & nationally. Help us protect & preserve biodiversity in Redbridge by recording your sightings find out more by visiting our Daily Dose of Nature page. 

Vision RCL has compiled a list of activities to keep you entertained while staying at home, for more information see Do More at Home.




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