Do More At Home: our top 10 activities for you to try

Whether you’re working from home, taking some time off or are self isolating – there are plenty of things to do from the comfort of your home to keep yourself and the family entertained.

1.     A little Drama – Stay Creative!

Redbridge Drama Centre is hosting some great virtual experiences for you to get involved in. If you enjoy performances and are missing the theatre, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can enjoy recorded performances at your own leisure; put them on the big screen to enjoy with those around you. You don’t have to miss out on theatre just because you’re at home!story

We’ve even got story corners for the little ones so they don’t have to miss out on some fun book adventures, so check out Redbridge Drama Centre’s Facebook page and stay up to date with the latest virtual entertainment for you and the kids.

Visit their facebook page here


2.     Story time

There is no need to leave home when you can access a range of books from home. Libby is a fantastic, free app that you can download from either Google Play or the Apple app store. If you don’t fancy reading, Libby also has a number of audiobooks so you can just turn your phone on, sit back and relax to some of your favourite stories.

Stories can be downloaded directly to your phone so you can read them without internet access, or you can even stream them so there is no need for them to take up space on your device. Read along with family and friends with read-along audio available on the app. This is a great way to stay busy and maybe pick up some new book recommendations to share with others.

Take a look at Libby here 

Walliams_Elevenses_v3-minOr if you’re more of a fan of listening, David Walliams is presenting his own stories every day at 11am – so enjoy 20 minutes of fun and imaginative storytelling with this award winning author.

Click here to find out more

3.     Watch parties

There are a number of great ways to enjoy watching movies with your friends and family, without being in the same room.  Applications such as Netflix Party, Togethertube and Kosmi are completely free, and allow you to watch YouTube and Netflix together. Hosting a watch party is quick and easy, and you can share the link with your friends to enjoy together.

Some pro tips for watch parties:

  • Schedule a time with your friends and family
  • Be sure to research your streaming application beforehand to ensure that it fits what you want to stream
  • Prepare the application beforehand to save time
  • Share the link and enjoy!

Watch parties are becoming increasingly popular. Who says you need to enjoy Netflix alone?

4.     Comics, lectures and newspapers and even movies!

All at the touch of a button, RBDigital is a fantastic app that you can download to access a number of great things to keep you busy. Tune in to digital lectures and teach yourself something new, pick up a new hobby or hit the books with something much more educational.

If you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe why not try reading Marvel Comics and improve your knowledge of these superheroes, with our huge back catalogue of fun filled marvel adventures.rb digital

But if you prefer movies, check out our back catalogue of undiscovered gems or classics. Why not tell us what you think about these movies by writing a little review and leaving it on our Facebook page; a perfect opportunity for those budding movie enthusiasts.

Visit the RBDigital site here


5.     Get Fit!

We’re seeing a number of fantastic workout channels pop up, giving you routines that you can do easily from home. These are just two of our favourites:

Joe Wicks has gained a huge following with his free live PE lessons, which are also saved as videos on his channel for you and your kids to access at any time. Work out together or on your own and put yourself through your paces with these great routines:

Find out more


For those looking for more thorough workout sessions, the NHS offers a number of classes to help you focus on particular parts of the body; from abs to Pilates, this website is a great resource if you want to start easing yourself into some fun virtual classes.

Take a look at the NHS fitness studio

6.     Quiz yourself

It’s important that we keep our mental gears turning, why not try out a quiz and challenge yourself?

The BBC offers a fantastic range of quizzes, perfect to exercise those young minds. From wildlife quizzes about rhinos and fearsome fish to film knowledge; the BBC has a variety of different options for you to try. Why not try beating your score, or challenging friends online to do better.

Try out some quizzes here

If you’re missing your Friday night pub quizzes, then keep an eye on your local venues, as pubs are popping up all around London hosting their quiz nights online!

7.     Get your Daily Dose of Nature

Enjoy the outdoors safely with our Nature Conservation team, giving you tips on what you can do outdoors without being in large groups. Take advantage of the spring arriving with great gardening techniques and tips.

Valentines park lake 3

Our parks and open spaces also provide beautiful areas where you can get outside, enjoy the scenery and maintain an acceptable distance from others. Remember to stay two meters apart, and make parks more enjoyable for everyone.

Visit their Facebook page

Or if you’re looking to delve more into the science of nature and gardening, check out “Let’s go Live with Maddie and Greg”, every weekday at 11am on YouTube.

Find out more

8.     Online cooking classes

Food background. Assortment of colorful ripe tropical fruits. Top viewCooking can be therapeutic and create the most satisfying results. Why not try out your cooking skills with some fantastic free cooking classes that you can get involved in. Take pictures of your creations and share them online.

Visit Borough Markets instagram, where chefs will appear on instagram live with their cookery classes, so you can cook along, take notes, or get inspiration from their techniques. Follow their page for more updates on what chefs will be appearing, and for times.

Visit Borough Market’s Instagram page

Antoni Porowski, a chef well known for his appearance on the popular Netflix show Queer Eye, is hosting his very own “cooking lessons in quarantine” where you can learn how to make the best out of household ingredients. Antoni also puts the videos on his instagram page so they can be accessed at any time to suit you. So spice up your diet with these great, healthy recipes:

Visit Antoni’s Instagram page 

Tag us on twitter @DoMoreRed with your creations and let’s see what you’re cooking!

9.     Promote your own events

If you’re hosting digital watch parties or anything else that people can do from home, why not use What’s On Redbridge to show others what you’re doing.

Events are easily sorted into adults, children and families so it’s a great way to find something to do for everyone.

10.  Calm your mindClose-up hand of a woman meditating on the beach.

It may be tough to get yourself in a good mental space when you’re stuck at home – meditation is useful, and can help alleviate some stress. Techniques for meditation may be difficult, but with applications that you can download through google play or the apple store such as Headspace, Calm and Simple Habit alongside many other apps, meditating can be much simpler.

Being mindful, tips for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, are also practiced by the NHS, read more about it on their website:


If you’re trying out any of the activities above, we would love to hear from you. Contact us through our social media (Facebook, twitter and instagram) and show us what you’re getting up to, share your ideas and thoughts with us and most of all, stay safe!

For a full list of virtual activities visit our Do More at Home page on our website.

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