Exciting new Escape Game developed for Redbridge

Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure are continually searching for new and exciting ways to engage the local community with the rich history of Redbridge and Valentines Mansion. So linking the two together and capitalising on the fact that people are continually looking for new ways of challenging themselves, they developed ‘The Valentines Anomaly’, an Escape Game and story inspired by past residents of the mansion and the lives they led. P1036604.00_08_12_12.Still004

Their brand new escape game was launched just in time for Halloween and sees Julien Slade  investigating but he is in need of some help! Teams of up to six are given an hour to investigate the strange phenomenon taking place at the mansion. The players (a team of Paranormal Investigators) are told to “expect the unexpected” as they embark on their journey throughout 5 rooms within the mansion, meeting past residents and solving puzzles along the way.

Unlike standard escape games, teams have exclusive access to the mansion during their game and are free to roam and explore as they please with the help of the Games Masters who are on hand if things get tricky. At first it would seem that The Valentines Anomaly is a classic haunted house story, but in partnership with Sacha Coward (Escape Room Designer) and Redbridge Museum, Vision have worked to base the story as well as the puzzles in the game around real people and time periods connected to the mansion.

It is early days but the feedback has been very positive and seems to be fulfilling their aims with one player saying

“We had the most brilliant time at the Valentines Anomaly yesterday evening. The escape room was excellent – it was actually 5 rooms and really challenging. The storyline was lovely, based on the history of the mansion – definitely a couple of ‘well I didn’t know that’ moments. We got out – but it was touch and go in a couple of places. Highly recommend.”


And another saying

“This was one of the hardest escape rooms I’ve been to! It was so much fun having 5 rooms to explore for testing clues and hidden messages. A great experience which was both challenging and very rewarding. Hosts were also attentive and ready to guide us when we struggled”.

“The Valentines Anomaly was really entertaining and gets you thinking. The experience was really good for teenagers and adults – would definitely go again.”

Vision is delighted with the way this venture has been received by the public so far and confirmed that the game is set to run into the New Year and beyond. As for the future, well they may explore creating similar experiences at other venues within the borough if the demand is there!

Are you ready to take on the Valentines Anomaly for yourself? Book your ticket now and jump into this not-to-be-missed escape game! Can you escape in time?

To book visit our website: https://visionrcl.org.uk/event/the-valentines-anomaly/








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