Tech Ilford 2019


Tech Ilford 2019 was a huge success with over 2,000 people walking through the library doors!

The event, held on Saturday 15 June 2019 is an annual festival for makers and tinkerers to truly explore the world of technology through a range of activities and workshops that allow attendees to learn new techniques, try out new tech and of course have fun with the whole family.


There was something for everyone; from the Creating games and worlds workshops to a VR Playground. One of the many activities on the day was the Maths in the museum challenge, hosted within our very own Redbridge Museum. This fun trail allowed families to explore the history of the borough through numbers, money, time and so much more – all the while giving them a mental workout and putting your own math skills to the test. 110 children completed the math challenge in the museum and were awarded a medal for their spectacular efforts.

“The VR playground was ACE!”


Another stand-out activity from the day was the VR playground which was set up on the high street, attracting huge crowds and creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the day. The VR playground is the latest ride experiment by the world’s first Thrill Engineer, Professor Brendan Walker and his Thrill Laboratory. Using a VR headset, viewers were given passage to a whole new world with endless possibilities. The activity had people queuing for the chance to have a turn, eager to experience the wonders of the virtual world.

“I really enjoyed my day on the VR swing-set. I was initially quite daunted with the prospect of meeting so many new people, but the whole experience was tremendous. Everyone who participated really enjoyed the experience, and it was fun to see how parents and their children interacted with each other having both experienced VR.” – Anit (Volunteer at Tech Ilford 2019)

Other events held in the library included coding for toddlers, where the little ones got their first taste of coding using a Code-a-Pillar; allowing them to code a little toy to move, light up and make sounds. The Wiggle Drawing Bots was a session where children created their very own moving robot using recycled materials, bringing this artistic creation to life and customising it with their own creativity.

“The activities taught my children (12 years old & 9 years old) about how to be green and say ‘no’ to plastic. Very good eco-friendly activities.”  –  Janani, Parent from Ilford


Children were also given a chance to create their own robo-arm; this moveable, wearable creation was a big hit with the kids who were very eager to take their inventions home with them. The workshops were made to challenge our audience and our staff were very impressed with how innovative our attendees were. Activities such as Newspaper STIXX engineering brought families together with creative techniques, fused with technology to make their own structure. Creating games and worlds gave the young games designers a chance to put their knowledge to the test, and build something that they could interact with; guiding children and families to safe and responsible ways to be on the internet. These informative sessions were a huge hit with the parents!

Our participants loved creating their very own alien using makercraft technology, and thinking about what aliens could possibly look like; we had some great outcomes!


Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without our fantastic 35 volunteers that helped throughout the day, making each activity run smoothly and accessible for all, with compliments from those who attended praising the helpfulness of the staff.

“The whole day has been great fun, the whole family really enjoyed the activities. Well done!”


Overall Tech Ilford was a truly amazing day for everyone; parents, children and volunteers. Participants moving from activity to activity with smiles on their faces throughout; the joyous atmosphere and excitement of everyone involved made the day unmissable, and an experience to be remembered. This event was great for those looking to get into technology, bond with their families, and for those who just love tech and wanted to learn more. We had a fantastic outcome, and look forward to Tech Ilford 2020, which will be bigger than ever!

Post Author: Priya Devandran

The success of Tech Ilford is only possible thanks to the support of local volunteers as well as the following organisations; WH TV&VideoGadgitechSTEM LearningAmeyKeep Britan TidyNetsotrms Limited, Bizzie Bodies and Witty Ditty Designs

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