Sow the seeds for good health

It’s that time of year again, where we are inviting all the residents of Redbridge to spruce up their front gardens and take part in our annual gardening competition Redbridge in Bloom. Our theme this year is `A garden for the senses’ raising awareness of mental health and general health and wellbeing.


There are six categories in total which you can enter including Best Community Display and Best Sheltered Housing/Residential Care Home. Working together in an outdoor space can release positive emotions such as happiness, a sense of achievement and self-worth as well as providing a support network for people who are feeling lonely.

Spending time in the garden can develop your sensory system – all the colours, aromas and textures can stimulate your sight, smell, touch and hearing reflexes. This makes gardening especially suitable for young children as it heightens their senses and triggers the imagination this is our Best School Gardening Project is a great group activity for Redbridge Schools to enjoy.

One hour of moderate gardening is equal to 35 minutes of jogging, plus all of these benefits to your health:

  • Stress Relief – Gardening can help reduce the level of stress hormone Cortisol
  • Immunity Booster – Direct exposure to dirt and plants can help boost your immunity system
  • Bacteria Friends – Soil contains a natural anti-depressant that can make us happier
  • Healthy Eating – Those who grow vegetables are more conscious of having a healthy diet
  • Brain Health – One study revealed that gardening can reduce risk of dementia by 36%
  • Vitamin D – Exposure to sunlight can increase your levels of Vitamin D

If you are new to gardening don’t worry there is plenty of time to create the perfect outdoor space, you have until 8 July to enter, visit our website and complete our online form.  Schools closing date is 21 June.

Please share your stories with us we would love to see your pictures and find out how your gardens progress.

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