Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure releases ‘What’s On’ app

With advert and poster display space at an absolute premium in Redbridge Libraries we have invested in a new kind of virtual noticeboard, bringing together technology and simplicity.

Virtual notice board

Like all libraries, we receive a myriad of posters and leaflets for display whilst we also have limited amounts of space with content that varies hugely in quality, which can also detract from the attractiveness and aesthetics of libraries which we know from consultation is important to our customers. ‘What’s on Redbridge’ creates a virtual noticeboard accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time; with ease of access at its core. This is particularly important for our wealth of community groups and organisations that have limited marketing options and often struggle to reach a wide audience. You can advertise your events for FREE, submit your application here at What’s on Redbridge.

Initially our project was around our digital advertising screens and how we could remove posters that were too wordy and ineffective from the displays; customers won’t spend time reading digital adverts which are text heavy and don’t catch the eye.

We simply don’t have enough display space for all of the content we receive, with much ending up in ‘community folders’ for customers to consult at leisure. However, these are only available in the library itself.

Having worked with Kubo Digital on our digital advertising needs and solutions previously, we decided to approach them about interactive technology and how this could be used to solve problems both for ourselves and for others like us. We wanted something that could be used on interactive kiosk screens in our libraries as well as being accessible online from anywhere. This is when Kubo Digital and Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure joined forces and created ‘What’s On’, with Kubo’s design & web development skills and Vision’s market knowledge and concept we were determined that we could create something amazing.

DM whats on dancer 2

We decided that the best solution would be a web app, a normal and secure website that is reliable, fast and much like a conventional mobile phone app; offering a full screen, immersive experience which can be added to home screens without the need to take up storage space or data on your phone. It also needed to be user friendly. We are now proudly displaying this across our library service as well.

Throughout the development, we continually tested the app ourselves and sought feedback across our teams, with developments and suggestions being made along the way. Through this we identified that we would be creating a lot of duplication of work, with events already being entered on multiple platforms. This is when we asked Kubo Digital to develop integration with Eventbrite allowing us to pull events directly from Eventbrite and approve them into the app.

With new developments coming soon, there has never been a better time to have a look at this app for yourself, see more here What’s on Redbridge.

For more information on bringing the app to your community, please contact Tom at

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