Vote for Valentines in the People’s Choice Awards 2018!

Valentines park flowers 2 - edit

You have the chance to put Valentines Parks on the UK map by voting in the People’s Choice Awards 2018.

Valentines Park is our most central park and home to Valentines Mansion and a wide range of events and activities.

“Something for everyone; Valentines Park is the ideal place to escape from the cares of city life. An oasis of green… and mauve when the lavender by the walled garden is in bloom.  Whether walking the dog, literally smelling the roses or spotting butterflies in the wildlife garden.

Visitors feel welcomed; sitting beside the long water watching the swans glide past or energetically playing tennis one feels part of the local community.”

-Antonia Barker, member of the Friends of Valentines Mansion Committee.

So hurry and vote for Valentines Park voting closes on 30 September 2018.

Valentines park lake 3

Park tree sunlight

We have nine Green Flag Award-winning parks in the running and need to poll around 1,000 votes to make it into the Top 10 in the UK and around 5,000 votes to be the best! Voting takes literally 30 seconds of your time but can help give the boroughs’ parks the recognition they deserve.

The competition is tough as there are almost 2,000 Green Flag Award-winning parks in the UK so we need as many votes as we can get. So please spread the word in your school and encourage pupils, parents, colleagues and ask your friends and family to vote too!

Only one vote per park per device will be recognised but voting from various devices will count, so vote from work, from your home pc, tablet and mobile phone!

For a full list of parks and how you can vote, visit our website.

If you are unsure which park to vote for, vote for Valentines, as it is one of our largest parks, hosting a variety of events and activities with a number of facilities – there is something for everyone.  Voting is quick and easy.

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