Redbridge Schools Celebrate Past Present and Future at the Royal Albert Hall

A night filled with wonderful music, new compositions, celebrations of history, proud parents and of course pom poms; more than 1,800 young singers and musicians from Redbridge schools and the Redbridge Music Service gave stunning performances at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, 13 March.

This year’s theme was Past, Present and Future to commemorate not only the 100 year anniversary of two significant historical events from 1918 but also offered a glimpse of what life might look like a hundred years into the future, all through the art of music and drama. The night’s performance of this piece included a collaboration with Redbridge Drama Centre performing extracts from Frontline Heroines, documenting the experiences of volunteer nurses during WW1 as seen through the eyes of Flora Sandes.

Redbridge Music Service had also worked on a range of compositions, showcasing collaborations with the BBC, and also performing specially commissioned pieces like “No Place Like” by Kerry Andrews, a meaningful piece that was composed using material provided by young people.

The evening was a fabulous celebration of the voice but also of other talents as it featured a version of “Tomorrow” by Jane Miller, written originally for her two daughters to remind them that life should always be cherished.  Jane began learning the violin at Redbridge aged 9 and has taught at Redbridge Music School and in many Redbridge Day Schools since 1979. It was clear by the reception that she received that she is a valuable, well known member of the arts community. Throughout her piece all the choirs involved had also learnt elements of British Sign Language and were able to sign as well as sing!

royal albert hall

The rousing finale was a pom-pom performance to the Dam Buster March played by the orchestra. This certainly was a shining moment for Redbridge Music Service and Redbridge Drama Centre.

If you would like to help fund tuition for talented young people in the borough, you can donate via Music Matters in Redbridge by clicking here. 

If you are interested in joining the music school, visit the website for more information:

If you are interested in joining a drama class at Redbridge Drama Centre, click here.


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