I like to think that death is our next adventure

Many people find death hard to talk about especially if you have suffered from a bereavement which still lays heavy on the heart. When a loved one passes over we can only use our own imaginations to envisage what comes after death.

Since my Dad passed away I take comfort in thinking he has gone to a better place and he is no longer suffering.  Although this is what I believe, it still scares me to lose any more of my loved ones and of course the inevitable, that one day I will not be here myself to look after my family and friends. But this is all “mind over matter”, and “what will be, will be” as my wise old Dad used to say.

How does death make you feel? What are your thoughts on dying?

This spring Redbridge Libraries will be hosting The Final Party: Dying Matters Festival, in the hope to break down some of these barriers and fears associated with the end of life. A range of events have been organised to engage conversation and discussions about life and death and embrace the celebration of life.

The first event takes place tomorrow evening where coffee and cake will be served for free in the cosy surroundings at Wanstead Library. So drop in at The Travelling Light Death Café (Friday 6 April) between 6pm-7.30pm for a friendly and informal chat on anything you want to in relation to death and dying, life and living. It’s good to talk or  just listen if you prefer, all conversations are confidential.

death cafe logo

Please note this is not a grief support or counselling session and is not suitable for anyone recently bereaved. This event will also be taking place at Redbridge Central Library on Friday 18 May, 6pm-8pm. For more information or to book a place email info@compassionatefunerals.co.uk or call 020 8989 0493.

Travelling Light Death Cafes are offered in partnership with Compassionate Funerals following the Death Café model http://www.compassionatefunerals.co.uk

See here for a complete list of events taking place throughout May for The Final Party: Dying Matters.

Post Author: Toni Driscoll

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