February Half Term: Top 5 Activities for you and the family at Redbridge Libraries

From Chinese New Year to Wii Gaming Fun, this February half term is packed full of great events for the whole family to enjoy! Visit our website for the full list of events.

If you’re interested in our general top five for the holidays, check out our previous article HERE

It was hard to narrow it down, but we’ve managed to pick our top five events for you:

Chinese New Year: Wednesday 14 – Saturday 17 February (Various Libraries)


This annual Chinese holiday is known as the Lunar New Year or Spring festival and this year it’s the year of the Dog according to shengxiao (which means ‘born resembling’), also known as the Chinese zodiac.

The Dog occupies the eleventh position in the Chinese Zodiac and comes just after the rooster. Common traits those that were born in this year possess are sincerity, reliability and being very hardworking.

Well known people that were born in the year of the dog include Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill and Madonna.

Be sure to celebrate this very special year with us by joining in with special themed arts and crafts at a range of Redbridge Libraries! Visit our website for more details on times and venues.

Poem Competition and Chill with your child: Tuesday 13 February, 10am to 12noon (Redbridge Central Library)


Poetry is a form of literature that uses different techniques such as rhythm and symbolism to convey a range of ideas, and dates back years as a method of expression.

Do you have a talent for words and want to show off your own skills? Redbridge Institute is running this great free activity for children aged 5 yrs+ accompanied by an adult. Practice your poetry in this creative learning experience.

Come to the Library and take part,
now is the perfect time for you to start.
It’s time to display your creativity and flare,
for audiences to enjoy everywhere!

Draw in the Air: Wednesday 14 February, 2pm to 4pm (Redbridge Central Library, Lab Central)


Technology is full of wonders. Experience the joy for yourself and learn about the latest innovation in tech – the 3D Pen! Now you can make your drawings jump off the paper, literally, by making 3D drawings. This fun new device allows you to bring your art to life. With 3D Pens you can make anything you desire, from coasters to butterflies, you can even make your very own pencil toppers – the possibilities are endless.

This session is designed for 8 to 11 year old children and their parents/carers and is completely free, but be sure to book in advance at the library.


Mr and Mrs Polluto: Tuesday 13 February – Friday 16 February (Various Libraries)


Using puppetry and live music, Total Insight Theatre presents a wonderful fun-filled family adventure about the Polluto family who throw all of their rubbish into their garden and never recycle. One day their rubbish piles so high they can no longer leave the house. The play explores how the two have to find their way out, and what they encounter.

The performance is followed by an interactive play session where you have your own opportunity to create your own puppets and take them home. Come along and learn why recycling is so important not only for those around us, but for the Earth.

This fantastic show is £2 per child and is ideal for those aged 4 years+

Be sure to book your ticket on our Eventbrite page!

Virtual Reality Family Learning: Friday 16 February, 2.30pm to 4.30pm (Wanstead Library)


Did you know the idea of Virtual Reality was around even before the 1950’s? Though the exact origin of the concept is hard to pinpoint, there have been ideas drafted in various works of early Science fiction that mention an alternate virtual life or existence and even holograms.

Virtual Reality is a whole new world and allows us to be anything we dream of; from Astronauts to Superheroes. The technology of these systems has developed over the years, previously having been large booths, to now becoming handheld devices that can be purchased alongside games consoles. By 2016 there were at least 230 companies developing Virtual Reality related products, well-known companies include: Google, Apple, Amazon, Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo, and many more. Now Virtual Reality is used not only in gaming but also for practical uses such as flight simulators or surgery simulators during medical training.

Now it is your chance to discover the mysteries of the Virtual World with your very own Virtual Reality experience. This great family learning experience will be guided by tutors from Redbridge Institute.

Redbridge Libraries have so much more going on too, so be sure to visit our website for more great half term activities.  

Post Author: Priya Devandran

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