Get involved: Robotics Workshops

We had the chance to interview Martin King, co-founder of InspireNShare, about his thoughts and views on Robotics and what had drawn him to it. This week, we’ve asked him for more details on the workshops currently being held at Lab Central.

UntitledWhat sort of skills do you learn with each workshop?

A workshop isn’t a TV broadcast for people to sit and watch, but rather, an interactive experience for everyone present.

Everyone is creative in some way I aim to inspire and to step back and let people’s creativity come out – I learn to listen and to adjust so that every workshop is unique according to those present at the time.


What does each attendee take home with them?

People should be able to take away some inspiration, fun, something new and something they didn’t know about previously. 


What is your favourite part about each session you hold?

I always leave plenty of opportunity for each workshop to take its own direction and it’s what the people in the workshop contribute that I enjoy the most – their questions, their points of view – I like to learn as much as the people who attend.

The whole session is enjoyable but the very best parts are those where the people who come create something themselves.


What do you enjoy the most when constructing robots and teaching others?

Robotics is both “hands on and heads on”. It’s about thinking with objects –  making and programming something tangible, rather than just doing and seeing something on a screen. It’s always amazing to see to see your creation “come to life” in the real world.


Are you enjoying using the new LAB Central area for your workshops?

Very much so – LAB Central is a bright and stimulating space – it’s not hidden away but open for anyone to see what is going on – I love this.


What ideas do you have for future workshops that you will hold with us?

The robot workshop was a fast and inspirational introduction to robot building and programing that can be taken to the next level in future workshops – going deeper into robotics and programming and broader by connecting robotics with other aspects of technology and culture.



Some future workshops in the pipeline are

  • “Tech Realities” … a practical introduction to augmented, mixed and virtual realities
  • “360 Media Making” … a practical introduction to making 360 images and videos and sharing them on-line
  • DIY AI” .. a practical introduction to Artificial Intelligence where people can make their own artificial intelligence machine
  • “Citizen Tech” – a practical guide to cheap, free and open technology
  • “Tech Talks” on the significant technology trends of our time … what is the “next big thing”?

Check back on our blog next week for more about our upcoming robotics workshops and what inspired them.
In the meantime, be sure to check out our Lab Central page for more upcoming workshops to attend!

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