Super Saturday for Fairlop Waters Golf Club Juniors

My my what a great day, the sun beamed down at Stock Brook Manor Golf Club for the Semi Final between Chelmsford GC Juniors and Fairlop Waters GC Juniors, for the Essex County Inter-Club Youth Shield  Team Trophy.  But it was PGA Professional Jimmy Burns’ young Fairlop Waters Youth Team that was shining brightest of all.

Vs Chelmsford Win 4 1 Aug 2017

On a blistering hot afternoon against a very able Chelmsford team, the Fairlop youngsters showed courage and strength and produced a fantastic team performance to finish the Youth Shield semi-final with a great 4-1 victory.

The Junior Committee, Jimmy, plus many parents and sponsors at Fairlop Waters Golf Club have brought this team of young people to the pinnacle of their golf careers so far, Gary Godleman, Chair of the Junior committee explained how pleasantly surprised he was to see all of them, yes all of them sitting around a table talking and laughing like good old buddies out on a shin dig after a match, and how very proud he was to witness their team spirit.

A truly great team performance and the greatest summer of golf so far!

A special mention goes to Umar Yunis Guerra of Fairlop, who having no reserve match to play, still stayed out all day supporting his fellow team mates.

What a great afternoon

The final will take place on 17 September 2017

Guest Writer: Jimmy Burns, PGA Golf Pro, Fairlop Waters Golf Club

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