Summer Motivation

Summer is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to get out and active in the comfort of your local park! The Active Parks programme allows you to do just that. Take it from one of our coaches, Corinne Zeiderman, who took five minutes out of her busy active lifestyle to speak with us!

Corinne is currently a personal trainer, a gym and exercise to music instructor and also runs the Clayhall Park Active Fitness, every Sunday morning at 11am by the outdoor gym. Her personal favourite exercises are HIIT training, running, circuit classes, ice skating and of course – working out in the gym, which makes her the perfect coach to get anyone active with such a wide skill range!

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  • Can you tell us a little bit about Active Parks?

We have some regular attendees to our Active Fitness sessions and it’s so good to see them every week, working so hard to achieve their goals. There is great team effort and support as mentioned before.

We have a large age range that come to Active Fitness  (Bootcamp) and everyone is welcome. We like to give everyone a challenge but always make sure the exercises are appropriate for the person! Above all, we love to have fun!!!

  • How does being out in the park improve the experience?

Being outside in the park is fantastic. We have lovely fresh air and when the weather is good this lifts your mood and you work harder! Most of the time, other park users see what we are doing and will take a sneaky peak, and hopefully join in with the incredible community spirit and team feel being so contagious!

  • What sort of exercises do you prefer?

The exercises are exciting and make the team feel like they have worked out and achieved something. There are alternatives to all exercises so that anyone of any ability can join in and take part.  We do some exercises to improve strength, endurance, fat burn and tone. Now that summer is coming along, we all want to look good and feel good wearing our summer clothes, especially if anyone is going on holiday! Beach body prep!!!

  • Summer Active Parks tips:
    • During the summer we have to train smart. We need to make sure we train hard but drink plenty of water along the way. Fuelling our bodies correctly is so important. Correct nutrition combined with exercise and the right mind-set is key to achieving personal goals.
    • For newcomers, take that first step- put your trainers on and come along. You are very welcome to join us, the more the merrier. Don’t worry if this is the first exercise you have ever taken part in, everyone has to start somewhere. We don’t expect you to be an athlete or super fit. You just come along and work at your own pace and join our wonderful community. Getting a little fitter and making that little change can be the start of an amazing journey. Come and meet new friends and make that change!
    • Having fun at Active Fitness sessions is a must!

LB of Redbridge Half-Term Events, Redbridge, London, United Kingdom - 26 Oct 2016

Every Active Fitness session is different for me and I honestly really look forward to each and every one. We have a great bunch of people attending. They are all different ages, shapes and sizes and have taken an amazing step and decision to make a positive change. They are moving forwards with their fitness and wellbeing both physically and mentally. It is amazing to be part of their journey and see happy smiling faces week after week- I LOVE ACTIVE FITNESS!

Guest Writer: Corinne Zeiderman


If you’d like to get involved in Active Parks, visit our website for our full programme or contact the Sport and Health team on

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