Green fingered residents accept their awards

We were delighted to see so many of our award winning entrants at this year’s Redbridge In Bloom Awards Ceremony at Valentines Mansion on Thursday 13 October.  This year saw many newcomers enter for the first time and a few of these claimed the top spot with their amazing skills in the garden.

Quite a frib16-school-roding-primaryew school groups attend, one of them being Roding Primary who took first place in the Best School Gardening Project. Five of the children came along with the volunteer parents that helped to make it all possible! The Green Fingers Gardening Club, run by Lisa Skingsley, Jemma Gamblin and Donna Byswater, has a core group of around 10 to 15 children who eagerly attend this after school activity and were full of enthusiasm to participate in the competition to create a garden Fit for the Queen.

The current year 5 students were set a task to design a poster around the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations then the Green Fingers Club members selected a design to create.  They chose a design based around a birthday cake created using a tractor tyre that was already in the playground and siting another tyre on top to make the layers.  They then filled it with earth and arranged all the planting and aftercare to maintain their fantastic flower cake.

The children that came to accept the award on behalf of the club were delightful and were so excited to be at the awards ceremony and obviously proud of their achievements.  They were so thrilled to see their garden project appear on the screen as photos of the winning gardens played on a loop throughout the evening.

Roding Primary took first place in the Best School Gardening Project

It is gratifying to see that children can enjoy such a glorious past time and will hopefully grow up appreciating the flora and fauna around them.

Another new winner this year was for Best Communal Gardens which was won by Frating

Frating Crescent in Woodford Green won Best Communal Gardens

Crescent in Woodford Green. Fourteen of the households contribute towards plants, shrubs and have even funded a tree to create a beautiful environment in which to live. Retired residents Bill Hinds and David Cracknell are responsible for the hard work involved to create and maintain this little oasis which is appreciated and enjoyed by this small community. David attended to collect the award on behalf of the neighbours and told me how they had been pleased when Area Committee money funded the planting of 7 trees around 10 years ago which helped to improve the look of the area, and Bill and David have built upon this over the years and these trees now have beautiful flower beds planted around them. This is a great example of the community working together to create civic pride, congratulations to all involved.

For a full list of this year’s winners visit the website.

Post Author: Cathy Pace

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