Vote Valentines

Valentines Park has always been one of my personal favourite parks – from the lush green fields to the café and lake. One thing is for certain, if I yearned for rest and relaxation this would be the place to go, no matter the weather.


My summer days would be spent sitting by the lake and observing the majestic swans glide across the water while soaking up the rays of sunshine that beamed from above, followed by a trip to the café to grab an ice cream with my friends and family. (Not to mention the company that the wildlife would provide – my family and I soon became well acquainted with the cutest squirrels that we would see on each visit.)  This became a routine every summer, and then as the weather turned colder it became an excuse to visit the park for some running in an attempt to keep fit and warm.

Come the winter, Valentines would transform from lavish greens into a winter wonderland: snow coating the grass and ornate icicles hanging from the trees that only months ago blossomed with flowers. There is beauty lurking in every single season which seems to come to life every time I visit the park.

I’m usually someone that enjoys sitting in front of a computer and staring at a screen rather than going out and about, but Valentines is a true sanctuary for me. It is a home away from home when I’m in search for some tranquillity in my life, providing peace of mind and a wonderful vibrant atmosphere along with helpful, friendly staff that maintain the park to such a high calibre.

Snow covered tree - Valentines.jpg

I have grown up around this park and witnessed it change and improve throughout the years – with activities and festivals, things to do for everyone. Last year, I was ecstatic that Valentines managed to make it into the top ten in the People’s Choice Award and that it was finally getting the recognition it deserved.

This year there is some close competition, with so many newly awarded Green Flag parks entering the competition, as well established favourites. Although, I hope if anyone finds Valentines Park as beautiful as I do, they’ll make sure it makes it into the top ten once again and make our borough proud.

Now is the time to vote, so choose wisely! Voting closes on 30 September and every vote counts. Remember, your vote could make all the difference!

To vote please visit

Post Author: Priya Devandran

2 thoughts on “Vote Valentines

  1. Julie Bradley

    You forgot to mention the fascinating history of ther place,the long water dug in the 1760’s by hand,as a garden feature! The last private owner Mrs Ingleby who together with her husband inherited it from her uncle Charles Holcombe.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for the wonderful comment. Valentines Park really does have a great history to it! It’s fascinating to hear more about it, and to have seen it change over the course of years. All that hard work that was put into the park really does show, even to this day.

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