Fullwell Cross unveils it’s History

Fullwell Cross Library.jpg

This weekend, 17-18 September is Open House London, the Capital’s largest annual festival of Architecture and Design that gives you the chance to explore hundreds of inspiring buildings in London for free.

This Saturday, Fullwell Cross Library will open its doors and invite you in to learn about the history of the building and the architect that designed its unique oval style.

The architect of the library was Sir Frederick Gibberd. He is also well known as being the consultant architect for Harlow New Town and then lived in the town that he designed. Along with the library, other notable buildings designed by Gibberd are the London Central Mosque, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and the terminal buildings at Heathrow Airport.

Join us on Saturday 17 September for an insight into the life and work of Sir Gibberd from an expert! Carol Murray from the Gibberd Garden will be giving the talk at Fullwell Cross Library at 2pm. The Gibberd Garden is a grade II listed garden created by Gibberd. He filled the grounds with sculptures and architectual pieces.

This talk is FREE. To book this fascinating talk, call 020 8708 2417 or online via The Little Box Office

Post Author: Nida Hussain

To find out more on the places in Redbridge that are taking part in Open House London, visit our website.

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