Redbridge Museum’s Super Science exhibition – is truly out of this world!

Among all of the books in the library is the wonderful Redbridge Museum. This summer, it’s been transformed into a dreamland for all those who love science, space and getting creative.

redbridge science museum

Before you enter the exhibition on the first floor, it’s worth taking a look at the different displays that bring forth some important history. As we are commemorating the centenary of the First World War, there is a magnificent display of Royal Mail’s First World War Stamps. Each of the proudly displayed large stamps are certainly worth marvelling at as they each tell a story of the War. Other displays include East Ilford Betterment Partnership Mosaic Workshop and a variety of knitted book covers and bags!

Inside the exhibition, there is a burst of bright colours and there are many wondrous things to explore. You can literally get hands on when it comes to the interactive activity that shows you the science behind tons of things we use everyday such as the phone! Come and see how this device has developed by inspecting it and what it looked like through the ages. Then, use your knowledge to impress your friends and family, the next time they use their phone!

There is so much to learn at the exhibition but there are also lots of creative things that you can get stuck into, each week there are various make and take activities on offer, so you can pop in each week to make some amazing creations and best of all it’s free. Until the 16 August, you and your friends can make your own Fantastic Physics Recipe Book. There are tables set out, materials and instructions at the ready, all prepared for you to get creative.

If you dream of going to space one day, you are welcome to experience what it could be like in the museum’s very impressive makeshift rocket. Set against a beautiful scene of outer space and all the planets and stars, with space suits hanging in the corner, the words of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon resonates throughout the museum – “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. The squeals of excitement from each child who put on the space suit and climbed into the rocket to allow their imagination to run wild, proves that this exhibition is certainly not one to be missed!

See here for more details of our Super Science exhibition

Location– First Floor, Super Science Exhibition, Redbridge Central Library

Opening times – 22 July – 06 September 2014

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm & Saturday 10am-4pm

Post author: Raeesa Mukhtar

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