Object of the week – 8 to 12 July

At the heart of Redbridge Museum is a unique collection of over 7000 objects, oral history and film. Once a week we will be selecting one object from Redbridge Museum’s collection to share with you online.

This week we would like to thank all the Redbridge residents who came out and supported the Tour De France passing through the Borough of Redbridge on Monday 7 July.

This event reminds us of another historic cycling event that started on the 23 June 1883 in Woodford named the ‘Woodford Cycle Meet’.

Hundreds of cyclists in elaborate costumes on decorated bikes rode through the streets of Woodford and Wanstead, cheered on by thousands of local people. At this time, cycling was hugely popular with both men and women joining in the new craze.

The Woodford Cycle Meet aimed to raise money for local charities and hospitals. It continued to run every year until 1914, the year the First World War started.

Our Object of the Week is a 1900s collapsible cyclist’s drinking cup. It consists of five interlocking circular bands of steel which collapse inside each other so it is easy to carry. To find out more visit Redbridge Museum 2nd floor, Redbridge Central Library.

Side view of cup

Cyclists cup2











Bottom view of cup

Cyclists cup











Title – Cyclists cup

Associated Dates 1900s

Location – On display at Redbridge Museum

Opening times – Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm & Saturday 10am-4pm

 Author: A. Deo

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