Tennis Charity serves up free tennis lessons for beginners in Redbridge

National sports charity ‘Tennis For Free’ has served up an ace for Redbridge by investing in a 50 week programme of free tennis lessons hoping hundreds of people across the borough can make a racket at the Borough’s Goodmayes Park courts. The charity has created a partnership with Vision – Redbridge Culture & Leisure and local tennis coach Tom Higgins to help provide free coach led tennis sessions for all the family starting on Saturday 5 July between 1pm-3pm.  You don’t even need a racket as all equipment is provided free of charge.

Professional tennis coach Tom Higgins will run the programme and welcome all ages and standards to take part.  He said: “We are giving the people of Redbridge and the surrounding area tennis for free and it doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner, you played at school and haven’t picked up a racket in twenty years or you haven’t been able to play on a regular basis and develop your skills.”

Our Tennis For Free sessions are all about fun and enjoyment for all the family and not about coaching the perfect forehand.  Goodmayes Park is the perfect place to start your free tennis journey and we are very proud to be providing these free sessions in partnership with Tennis For Free and Vision – Redbridge Culture and Leisure.  All you need to do is register and ‘book in’ at  every week and then just turn up…you don’t even need a racket.

Tennis For Free a registered charity founded by comedian Tony Hawks are celebrating getting over 150,000 people to hit tennis balls for free over the last 10 years since the charity began.  It aims to provide to create healthy, vibrant tennis communities on FREE public park tennis courts creating new tennis players of all ages and backgrounds, and showing that tennis can be enjoyed by all. Tennis For Free supporters include Judy Murray (mother of GB No1 Andy), BBC tennis commentator Andrew Castle and ex Grand Slam winner Pat Cash.

Tennis For Free CEO, Paul Jessop said: “Having started as a website listing free parks tennis we now have an extensive free tennis programme across the UK with Goodmayes Park being our 25th site and more in the pipeline for 2014.  With support from our sponsors, the LTA and the Tennis Foundation we are partnering with local organisations such as Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure and local tennis coaches like Tom and investing over the next three years into 50 Tennis For Free park sites across the UK helping approximately 40,000 new people to experience the TFF fun sessions.

Rachael Porsz, LTA Regional Tennis Participation Manager – London said: “We are very excited about the free activities being created for people to play tennis in Redbridge through the Tennis for Free programme.  Goodmayes Park is a wonderful park in the heart of the community and having good local easy to access park facilities where you can play informally with your family and friends is really important to encouraging people to play.”


 Post Author: Jenni Sheehan



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