Meet comedy poet Neal Zetter at Fairlop Fair!

I am not really a lover for poetry, but I’ve heard of a few poets and appreciate words that entertain.  We are all different; some people live for thrills, some for adventure… but some live and breathe poetry, some worship poetry like a saint… Meet Neal Zetter!

I am so happy that Neal Zetter is going to be at the Fairlop Fair on Saturday 5 July at Fairlop Waters, as he is such an experienced poet with such a great deal to offer. He has worked with a wide range of people such as children’s poet, Michael Rosen and top legendary performance poets Attila and John Cooper Clark plus many more. He has also been in comedy club bills with Omid Djalili, Harry Hill, and Sean Hughes to name but a few.

He loves to entertain children and adults alike with poetic performance and is encouraging any budding poets to do the same by writing a short fun poem for display on the day at this year’s Fairlop Fair. What a great way to share your talent with others and really feel like you have played a part in the day’s entertainments. On the day, Neal will also be giving out great advice on writing and publishing your own book as well as selling and signing copies of his own book, the “BEES IN MY BANANAS”.

I asked Neal what inspired him to write the “BEES IN MY BANANAS” and his response was “as a performance poet who plies much of his trade on stage, I have never focused too much on getting my work in print, but as the question I have been asked more than any other over the years is; ‘have you got a book?’ I thought the time was right! The title comes from the first two poems in the book which are two of my most requested: I’m a Bee and Bananananananananananananananananananananananananana”

Neal mentioned that he has a lot of exciting projects which he is working on currently, he normally works with adults to provide out of school activities for children and families but most of his work is during the school holidays.

I posed an interesting question to Neal about his future plans and his response was “To work in more unusual places and with many different types of people”. Having worked in all 33 London Boroughs and many other UK cities, I think he is ready for new challenges.

He also added that he wants to convince all ages that poetry is not boring, complicated or obscure, but really good fun, exciting and accessible. “I plan to be pushing Bees in My Bananas as much as possible too” he said.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to come to Fairlop Fair and meet Neal Zetter in person at his stall in the Story Boat & Libraries Zone. You can gain so much information about poetry and performing arts as well as being one of the first at the fair to purchase his fantastic new book!

Visit Neal Zetter’s Confidence in Communication through Comedy Poetry website

Find out what else you can do at the fabulous Fairlop Fair!

Guest Post: Rosie Ile


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