Visit London Glider Cider Company at Fairlop Fair!

I am so excited that the London Glider Cider Company is going to be at Fairlop Fair, such an original company which are going to be selling draft and bottled cider made from 100% fruit at the fair on Saturday 5 July at Fairlop Waters. The London Glider says their fruit is hand-picked from surplus grown in the surrounding urban and suburban gardens which would otherwise go to waste.

Their business started out recycling 100% of their waste four years ago, they say the dry pulp, which is left over after each pressing, is given to local sheep or pig farmers to feed their animals with!  “So once we have picked the fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste from local gardens, everything is used, nothing is wasted”.  This must be one of the most unique things a company could do to help reduce wastage as everything is put to good use!

As the London Glider are going to be at Fairlop Fair they wish to bring a joyful experience to all who visit “happiness to those who drink cider, lots of people making merry, and knowledge to those who want to know about cider making” said Rochelle Schwartz one of the management team at the London Glider Company.  So this is the perfect opportunity for people who want to start making their own cider, or who are just interested, to get some great advice.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Another exciting fact about this business is that you can donate fruit to the London Glider Company which will then be used to create their cider.  In return, they will give you a free bottle of cider.  There is no minimum requirement of fruit to be donated but in a typical garden, they would be looking to pick from a good sized, established mature tree, which should produce enough fruit in a good year to allow for some surplus.

This year they are introducing a new product at Fairlop Fair which is Apple Cider Vinegar, which will be available for people to buy.

The thing that makes their cider different from others is that they use 100% pressed apple or pear juice, dessert or cooking fruit, not cider fruit. They also have a Crab and Apple blend and all made using a sustainable resource that would otherwise have been thrown away.

This AMAZING Company has won several CAMRA awards and they have won first place ‘Dry Cider’ category at Brogdales Cider Festival 2013.  But the main unique thing about them is that they create their cider in London and believe they are the only commercial cider makers to do so in the Capital.

If you love cider, then come and meet the staff of this prestigious company at the Fairlop Fair; try their unique products, gain great knowledge on cider making and their special blends and have a joyful experience!  

For more information on the London Glider Company visit their website  

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Guest Post: Rosie Ile

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