Will you let Mystical Parties tell your fortune at this years’ Fairlop Fair?

Love, weather, luck, wealth… We all wish we could predict the future, we all wish we could find that hidden information from our normal senses. From reading palms to crystal balls, to tarot cards the psychics have seen it all.

For many years people have conflicted over the claims of psychics, the abilities which they have and is their proof they are exposing us to the other world or to a fantasy.

On the 5 July Gail Hart is back again at the Fairlop Fair at Fairlop Waters, she is a highly experience British Psychic who has read the palms of well know celebrities such George Clooney as well as appearing on TV as the clairvoyant on “The Only Way Is Essex” and on psychic channels, with the talent of reading Oracle Cards, peoples Aura, to lipstick prints, tea leaf readings, in fact she can read just about anything.

Gail Hart with George Clooney at the Britawards

Gail Hart

This is a great opportunity to come meet not just herself but up to five other experienced Psychics that will be joining her this year, Mary Shuvani, Tiffany Crosara, Seldiy Bate, Nina Ashby and Venna. They all have many years of experience from all appearing on TV, in magazines, pagan festival celebrations, they are as accurate as can be.

This as well will give them a chance to give more different readings to whoever is attending Fairlop Fair. What’s even better is that they will have ready-made charm bags, that you can choose from love, health, and luck and money flow, sold at the Fairlop Fair, so be the first to grab one!

Mystical Parties started about ten years ago by Gail, this was due to the amount of customers recommending to bring another psychic along with her bookings, she realised the amount of talented and very skilled psychics she knew, this also gave Gail the opportunity to fill in the gaps in the market of hen parties, birthday parties and product launches and bringing psychics to other events, such as the Global Party at London Zoo. The business also allows customers to hire from one to twenty psychics for their events. They also theme their readings and costumes to your event, such as sand readings for a beach theme, or tea leaf readings in a garden party.

The most unique thing about Mystical Parties is that they are the only entertainment agency that focuses almost entirely on psychics, Gail has said “I handpicked the staff not just because of their unique talents but their lovely friendly personalities and abilities to work at a fast pace in a challenging party environment, we are all passionate and professional about our work” as well Mystical Parties psychics don’t get into negative readings, they try to keep them short, fun, positive and upbeat, this is so the customers can enjoy their service and feel welcome. They are hoping to run and complete their own events in the future as well they already hold “Mediumship” nights and are looking into themed events so you can come to a Mystical Party near you or hold one on your own.

There will be additional charges to their readings this year at the fair, £10 for 10 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes, which is much cheaper than regular phone psychic readings and private readings, what a deal! I am so excited that they are going to be at Fairlop Fair and for anyone who enjoys this type of service should defiantly come along and get some great results from their readings!

Guest Post:  Rosie Ile 

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