Redbridge Museum – Object Of The Week

At the heart of Redbridge Museum is a unique collection of over 7000 objects, oral history and film. Once a week we will be selecting one object from Redbridge Museum’s collection to share with you online.

Yesterday, Monday 24th March, marked World Tuberculosis Day, this day aims to raise public awareness of tuberculosis, how to prevent and treat the disease.

Until drugs because available in the 1950’s tuberculosis could only be treated by complete bed rest and fresh air. Rural rest homes called sanatoriums were built in the British countryside.

In 1919 Harts House was one of these sanatoriums. It was located in the quiet village of Woodford Green at a time when tuberculosis killed 30,000 people in Britain every year.

This week our object of the week is a 1950’s Artificial Pneumothorax machine, it was used to deflate a lung infected with tuberculosis.

Visit Redbridge Museum to find out more about the history of Harts House and use our interactive computer programme.


Name  Artificial Pneumothorax machine

Associated Dates– 1950’s

On loan from – Royal London Hospital Museum and Archives

Location– On display,  Redbridge Museum 2nd Floor, Redbridge Central Library, IG1 1EA


For more information on Tuberculosis visit NHS online here 



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