London Youth Games Inclusive Zone Basketball (IZB) Competition

Redbridge is getting ready for the London Youth Games Inclusive Zone Basketball (IZB) Competition next week at Crystal Palace!

The team has been training at Frenford Club for the past 4 weeks and have been selected from Wheelchair Basketball Players who attend Frenford Falcons sessions or through the Falcons schools outreach programme.

IZB is a 4-a-side game, developed to enable players who cannot participate in a running game of basketball. The game is suitable for electric wheelchair players, manual wheelchair players and ambulant with physical impairments.

A basketball court is split in to three zones, players in the central zone typically play in a manual sports wheelchair or electric wheelchair and the players in the two wing zones are ‘runners’. The small-sided teams and adapted playing area enable girls and boys, both disabled and non-disabled, to participate in a fun game of basketball.

The Redbridge team are looking forward to competing at the IZB Competition at Crystal Palace on Wednesday 2nd April.


Good Luck everybody taking part!

Picture: Last year’s IZB team.


Post Author: Jenni Sheehan

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