Youth Charity vInspired – Healthy Relationship Event

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Team V Redbridge! Join us and show your support for the great work vInspired do in and around our borough.

The cheesy cards, love hearts and chocolate of Valentine’s Day, yet do many of us actually know what makes up a healthy relationship?

Team v Redbridge is a group of young volunteers from youth charity vInspired who are trying to change the world one campaign at a time. They are hosting an event to discuss what constitutes as a healthy relationship and to highlight the warning signs of abuse and services available to those who need it.

*On the 15th February young people aged 16-25 are invited to come and discuss what they think makes up a healthy relationship at our event at Wanstead Youth Club on Elmcroft Avenue, London, E112DB between 5-7pm. Find out some of the warning signs from experts and have a chance to listen to some great music by local Redbridge artists who are sharing their own experiences through song.

Redbridge will be showcasing its wonderful array of talent as local girls Natalie Powell and Shelana Thomas sing live alongside young rapper, Dwain. As if that wasn’t enough a dance group from UCL will also be performing and singing about the topic of love and healthy relationships.

Representatives from Redbridge Rainbow Community, Redbridge Victim Support, Karma Nirvana, Get Connected, Young People Friendly, vInspired and national charity Relate will be running stalls as well as being on hand to provide support for young people in Redbridge and raise awareness about the services that are available to anyone experiencing an unhealthy relationship.

Rebecca Kemal, Team v leader for Redbridge, says: “Many young people do not receive adequate relationship education about what makes up a healthy relationship. Some people think that if you’re partner doesn’t hit you then their relationship is healthy, but psychological manipulation and emotional abuse can do a lot of damage. We hope that our event will allow young people discuss and debate what they think makes a relationship healthy and to become more aware of any warning signs and support services that are available in Redbridge.”

You can join the discussion online too! Between 5-6 on twitter National charity Tender will be online answering questions on twitter live and allowing young people to really discuss their relationships!

*If you would like to find out more about the Team v Redbridge event, to volunteer with them or to provide them with promotional leaflets or attend as an organisation please get in touch:

Rebecca Kemal on 07859335538 or email

Follow Team v Redbridge @vRedbridge or

Watch our ‘Love Is..?’ video explaining more:

Post Author: Rebecca Kemal

Team v Leader

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