Festive Farmer’s Market

Homemade jams, sizzling sausages and a lovely view of Valentine’s Mansion – it can only mean one thing – the farmer’s market, with a christmassy touch, came to Valentine’s Park this Sunday, and Raeesa Mukhtar went to check it all out!

There’s nothing quite like spending a glorious Sunday morning at a farmer’s market, and with Christmas fast approaching, it was an absolute treat for those wanting that extra special touch for their festive meals! I was welcomed with aromas of fresh olives and cheeses. But for someone with a bit more of a sweet tooth, I was straightaway drawn to sweetest looking stall of them all, drooling at the plethora of homemade jams and fudge. Everything was presented beautifully in gift bags and wrapping paper; anything on offer would have made for the perfect Christmas treat.

As I marvelled at the array of goods, I got chatting to Susie, the stall-holder who was wearing a Santa hat to match the bright red tinsel that draped over her table. I asked her about her farmer’s market experience in Redbridge and she said “I’m a regular here at Redbridge, and I think the location we have by the mansion is great, people can wander round, have a coffee and stop by”. Even in light of the big supermarket chains, Susie still believes that there is an important place for the farmer’s markets. I certainly agree with her as you simply cannot get produce that was on display at the market, anywhere else. Eager to know what she had on offer for Christmas especially, she listed everything she had for a festive treat. “The special fudges are: Christmas pudding fudge and mince pie fudge, the jams are plum and mulled wine. There’s also chutney and citrus whiskey rum”. No doubt she’s going to have people queuing up for that enticing lot!

The cold wind was really starting to bite at my fingers and toes, but that didn’t stop me from soaking up the atmosphere. I watched people at the stalls, unable to decide what to purchase they looked to the experts, the farmers themselves, for some advice on the best products. I think that is the most unique thing about farmer’s markets; you get advice on goods from the people who know everything about them. Delighted with their final choice, people leave the stalls, clutching to their packages and aching to devour it straightaway.

The market is also a perfect place for families, there was an abundance of children enjoying the open space around the markets while mum and dad nipped over to the stalls. The family dog was also out in full force, edging towards the sausages being freshly made by the Giggly Pink Co. The neighbouring stall – in fact it was not a stall at all but a bright yellow truck, that revealed a whole range of goodies.

So, despite the cold, the smiles and laughter signalled that the farmer’s market was once again a success.

Post Author: Raeesa Mukhtar 

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