Redbridge Museum – Map of the week

This week our map of the week gives us a fascinating insight into the geology of Ilford. The map was produced by the Ilford Borough Council surveyor’s department in 1948.

It features a hand coloured survey drawn over a standard printed map. It was used by the Surveyor to show areas of Ilford that were safe to build on.  This map also highlights useful materials that could be extracted from the land for example gravel and clay for bricks.

It was produced using information taken from land surface surveys and work undertaken by engineers and public bodies. The use of maps like this assisted planners to decide the best possible sites for the development of homes and buildings.


Title Geology of Ilford

Associated Dates – 1948

Location – On display- Redbridge Museum, Central Library 1st Floor

Opening times – Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm & Saturday 10am-4pm

Website  Visit our website

Post Author: A. Deo

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