The Game of Skinny McClumm – Rose Meredith

Make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful poem ‘The Game of Skinny McClumm by Rose Meredith – a lovely member of the Vision Libraries Team! We will post a new poem each week, so keep checking for updates! Please send any works you would like published to


The Game of Skinny McClumm


Skinny Mclumm he played with a gun

At 9 + 3 was his age –

Up at the dawn

Not even a yawn

A gleam and a glint in his eye –

A turned up nose

And pulls on his clothes and out in the yard with a grin,

Hand on the door

He listens for more

of the sounds of the scratchings within.

Poor little rat

With her pat –tat –a – tat

And her bonnie wee mewlings within –

And skinny comes creeping

His horrid gun sleeping

And he turns the latch in the door –

And the little rat scratching

And the gun it’s adjusting

And a grin on the face of the boy –

When –  KA-BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Goes the gun

It’s BACKFIRED my son!

Ohhh  ………….Skinny Mclumm……….

…………………………….. And his gun.



Poem Author: Rose Meredith

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