Make Your Own Clutch Bags – Perfect Christmas Treat!

Stuck on what to give people this Christmas? Here at Do More we are having a complete block on what to buy our friends and family! Everybody already seems to have everything! Plus we are doing our very best to avoid all the crazy Christmas shoppers, and they are crazy this year. In order to kick start our shopping at the weekend, we donned our war-paint, wrapped bandanas tightly around our heads and charged screaming a battle cry into John Lewis. Despite the impressive start we couldn’t find anything we were looking for, so we just left the shop a smoking wreck and began our assault on Zara instead…

Why not save yourself the trauma of shopping and book on to a crafty one day workshop at Valentines Mansion instead? From 10am-4pm on Tuesday 26 November you can ‘Make Your Own Clutch Bag’; the perfect handmade gift. Put your sewing machine to good use and make a must-have clutch bag for your sister, mum or friend. It’s the perfect gift for the party season! Textile artist Alex Waylett will provide you with the necessary materials and guide you through the process of making a lovely bag using your sewing machine – plus you’ll receive an extra pack containing everything you need to make another back at home!

This workshop is perfect for beginners and those with more experience – Alex is a brilliant tutor who has received much praise for other workshops held at Valentines. This is a great chance to get creative, have some fun and meet people with similar hobbies in a relaxed, inspiring environment.

This workshop is suitable for adults and costs £51 per person. Pre-booking is essential, call 020 8708 8100. Hurry though! You don’t want to miss out!
You will need to bring:
Sewing machine with a manual and spare 80/12 machine needle
Darning foot if you wish to machine embroider your bag (you can hand embellish instead if you wish).
Basic sewing kit to include a hand sewing needle and small pair of pointy scissors.

Visit the Valentines Mansion website for more info.

Post Author: Emily Polling

Valentines Mansion Christmas Clutch Bag Workshop

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