‘Silent Cacophony’ – Live Art Intervention

Throughout Remembrance Day, Monday, 11th November, live art interventions will be taking place in over 30 street locations across London, and in USA, Holland, France, Lebanon and other UK towns, exploring how we all reach our opinion on war and conflict. This is NOT a charity event, highlighting of a political cause or money raising activity.

‘Silent Cacophony’ will be the 5th annual Remembrance event by abstract live performance art company Platform-7. Previous art interventions took place in cemeteries at night, 2009-11, and across the London Underground and the disused Eurostar, Waterloo in 2012.

‘Silent Cacophony’ uses the locations of Zeppelin and V-rocket attacks to explore silence perceived during war and conflict.

Day: 23113 by Alexandra Jönsson & Katie Bracher, explores the idea that while words mark the recordable, the silences between words act as pointers to the physical sentient process of remembering.

On the 11th November from 11:11 am we will be doing a conceptual performance outside and inside the Ilford Exchange. A number of silences drawn from collected childhood memories of female survivors from the bombings of East London in 1945 will be connected to the location of the Super Cinema which was bombed 23113 days ago, on the 8th February 1945 (today Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre) commemorating the killing of 14 civilians. The silences will be passed into bodies of the public as messages relayed by two handed handshakes from the two artists undertaking the memory collection.

The memory collection will subsequently be made into an audio book and given to the participants and their families. This performance will tell the story of this tragic moment in history, as if the memory is being conveyed by the place itself rather than a person.

Please come down and share memories with us.

Here are some useful links for you:

Artist Website: http://motheringamplified.com/ OR  http://www.beitak.co.uk/

Event Website: www.silentcacophony.co.uk

Blog: http:/www.silentcacophony.co.uk/#!blog/c12n4

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PLATFORM7events

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomansland.me

Silent Cacophony live art intervention

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