The second poem making its grand entrance to our blog is M’Lady by Talma.  Talma presented this poem at Redbridge Central Library for this year’s National Poetry day. We will post a new poem each week, so keep checking for updates! Please send any works you would like published to domore@visionrcl.org.uk


I do not like the land beneath me

The way the firmness resounds in my knee.

I prefer the softness of the tide,

or, the waves as they lash portside.

I have known many women but loved only she,

who gives forewarning to those who will not heed.

To fools she shows no mercy…

as she opens her arms and drags them to the deep.

But…for those who know her waters

We will her secrets keep.

Torn from my mother’s arms

She is the only woman I have loved.

She has fed me, lulled me to sleep,

Chastised me but…would never leave me

She is in my blood…her kiss the ‘sweet’ taste of salt.

She caresses me, soothes me,

whispers to me with her gentle breezes


Oh! What mortal woman could ever hope to possess a man so.

Her mark is on my soul.

Emotions well up inside me

Like the waters of a stream.

Mingling with rivers and cascading into the sea.

I feel her weight upon me

Like an anchor to its chain,

Plunging until it is released,

and sees the sky again.

My muscles feel so weary

My force but holds its form

No effort stirs within me,

to turn myself away.


This siren possess me

Always to be

A man of the sea.



One thought on “M’LADY – TALMA

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