We proudly present our first ‘Poetry Corner’ poem; Hydration by Hermes Solomonides Hermes presented this poem at Redbridge Central Library for this year’s National Poetry day. We will post a new poem each week, so keep checking for updates! Please send any works you would like published to domore@visionrcl.org.uk


Hydration, hydration I need stimulation,

An urge for a mouthful to end my frustration,

Don’t give me no other don’t want compensation,

Just please understand this is my obligation.

Hydration, hydration I need lubrication,

If I don’t get my dose there’ll be ramification,

I just cannot focus I lack concentration,

Just a few drops end my deprivation.

Hydration, hydration a small titillation,

It’s my guilty pleasure there’s no explanation,

Give me that fix of wet gratification,

If you haven’t tried it you need education.

Hydration, hydration whatever location,

I’m starting to feel immense trepidation,

I can’t wait no longer I need penetration,

Someone please give me some bloody hydration.

Hydration, hydration there just no translation,

A few tiny sips what a lovely sensation,

You keep reinforcing my true adoration,

I think we should have a romantic vacation.

–          By Hermes Solomonides

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