Battle Badminton! Let the Challenge begin…

Challenge. Improve. Conquer.

Battle Badminton

From the 4th of November the brave can separate from the feeble and step forward to enter a whole new realm of Badminton gameplay. Let Battle commence!

Battle Badminton is a new informal, casual competition league with flexible rules, where players identify opponents and set up challenges online. Defeat your opponent and then compete for bragging rights in a local leisure centre of their choice.

Go online to find new players to challenge, shake the skies with your battle cry then boldly mark your battle ground.

Challenge. Improve. Conquer.

Can you face the challenge..?

Only players aged 18 years old or over can compete in battle. Battle Badminton is for casual players who play Badminton socially in leisure centres and are not members of formal clubs, playing to league / county standard or above. You can compete in local or national leader boards, or create your own! Collect Battle points every time you play, and rise through the 9 ranks of ‘Battle status’.

Fuel your competitive streak and enter the brave new world of Battle Badminton.

Join now to unlock 1 of 10,000 free battle places.

Use Wanstead Leisure Centre or Redbridge Sports Centre as your Battleground!

Check out the Battle Badminton Website.

 Post Author: Emily Polling

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