Hainault Lodge Work Day

We need your help to take care of our only local nature Reserve! Did you know that Hainault Lodge is the first and only Nature Reserve in the entire of the London Borough of Redbridge to be designated? Join the nature conservation team this Thursday (17th October) from 10 am – 2.30 pm, for a day of practical conservation work, and support them as they work to preserve this beautiful space.

Nature reserves are protected areas that provide havens for a multitude of wildlife. Within these sanctuaries the chance for different species to flourish and survive is greatly heightened. With the vast and rapid increase in urban areas in Britain, it is becoming more important each day to take care of the few wild spaces we have left. The largest and healthiest communities of birds, insects, mammals and wildflowers are now mostly found in protected nature areas and sadly nowhere else.

Years ago Britain would have been bursting with life, overflowing with greenery and creatures. Now it is just stacked full with buildings, roads and waste disposal sites.

Not only is it important to keep our country green to save animals and insects, it is also vital for our own human survival. Unless we do something to counteract the severe damage we have done to our planet and drastically decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we are all in big trouble. In fact, the risk of dangerous climate change is becoming so high that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change has turned to geoengineering. They plan to create the largest industry in history: by making a series of giant CO2-suckers – devices that will literally suck greenhouse gases out of the air. Unless we do something, and do something soon the earth could warm this century by more than 2 °C, and it is not known if the human race can adapt to such a change.  The plan to suck  CO2 out of Britain’s air is to plant thousands of new trees.

It is thought changes will be implemented by 2100 but you can help make a difference now. Lend a hand at your local conservation sites and be part of getting our planet back on track. Help us stop species from becoming endangered or extinct, help us save our environment, help us save our planet.

This free event is open to adults. If you would like to join us then please meet at Redbridge Cycling Centre Car Park, Forest Road, Hainault, IG6 3HP.

If you have any questions at all please give us a ring on 020 8559 2316 or visit the Redbridge i Nature pages for more information.

Post Author: Emily Polling

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